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  1. Yes I have their skin already but it is very muscular unfortunately.
  2. As the title states I am in search for a Legacy Mesh Body Male Skin that isn't defined. Not necessarily chubby just little to no muscle definition. I am planning on aging down my avi to around 11/12 in age to attend Mischief Managed and I want to avoid having to buy a whole new body just for it. All the skins I see are super ripped and not passable for that age range. Anyone know of a skin that would work for this?
  3. Seems like the windlight was a large factor, I can still see a minor seam in the brighter ones but its a billion times less noticeable. Just kinda sucks that any low-light settings will make the head and body look crappy depending on the sim you go to, but hey that's just how it is I suppose. Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated.
  4. I hadn't touched the tint layers, still checked them just in-case though, but they are all set to white. 😩 of course I would buy the minefield skin lol when demoing the neckline seemed to match fine, might redeliver the skins and see if there was an update/fixed version that was missed in delivery or something.
  5. I seem to be having some issues matching the Belleza Jake body and the Lelutka Andrea mesh head together. I know they are supposed to be compatible and match up... but its just not entirely working with and without the neck sheath. Skin I'm wearing: Clef de Peau. - Body Soft T2 [JAKE] Applier Clef de Peau. - Tyler T2 [LELUTKA] Applier Screenshots: https://prnt.sc/mbsqi3 https://prnt.sc/mbsqnp https://prnt.sc/mbsvdd The neck sheath makes it of course blend together a tad bit nicer but you can still see the neck sheath hovering over the neck area. Am I just doing something wrong?!
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