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  1. = what the hell are you talking about? what laws? that's what i keep asking about and nobody gives me a single law. and stop advertising all those idiots out there. i'm trying to comply here and trying to give whatever i've got! nobody talking about laws ever gives me any. fitch said the patriot act. i pointed out that isn't a law. it doesn't exist. it expired years ago. this is on record. and you guys are talking about nuts. i'm literally only asking to continue playing second life with what i've got. i haven't done anything alarming or unusual and i'm happy to stop doing whatever they want me to stop doing if i don't get robbed. How is seizing my funds without warrant and telling me that my only option is to give him new information about me if i want to see them again not a threat? "i'm taking your money and erasing your account if you don't tell me more about yourself" is not a threat anymore? and then when i do tell him more about myself, information that i don't want to tell him about myself, "it's not good enough." also, stop lying to people. that's how you end up with people like fitch! state ids require birth certificates now. planes require birth certificates. trains require birth certificates. even interstate buses require birth certificates. and being born to a mother and father who had sex and arne't responsible is "hardly plausible!?" how crazy do YOU have to be!? I'm sitting here asking to continue playing a video game or chatting with people in a simulation and you people are talking about people handing out paperwork like candy and people having a kid together by themselves being the end of the world! this has got nothing to do with playing secondlife and i'm not asking to gain new features or to add new information. i've been asking to continue playing if they want me to stop buying and selling linden. or fudgecake, even tell me if i'm misbehaving. i haven't changed or done anything new and i'm being extorted here. i'm not being given any logical or lawful reason for having my account erased.
  2. you don't think i know that? but saying that anybody that's born into this country naturally deserves to be treated this way is a cop out. saying that somebody is not allowed to get identification and then telling them that they are required to do so in order to keep playing with us is borderline evil. edit: you're basically saying we don't exist so we're going to erase you from existence. * and countries don't give birth to people. humans do. * saying anybody can get somebody who refuses to create an id for them to make one is just a flat out lie. * our people don't just hand out "starter" ids for people like me with low levels of trust to develop. we don't have clearance levels for our ids. * also, i have chocolate.
  3. Fitch Linden is telling me that he is going to terminate my account for not adding additional information about myself. I haven't done anything and he's ignoring me when I tell him that I can't add more personal information because I was born in the woods (anarchistic mom/ no father present). He's ignoring me when I say I don't want to process any credits if they want more info and that I just want to continue playing second life and use funds that are on my account. He's ignoring me when I say that the Patriot Act he's citing isn't an active law in the United States anymore and that I haven't done anything to deserve this. He's ignoring everything and he says that he's going to terminate my account for information that I couldn't supply even if I wanted to. I haven't harmed anyone or done anything wrong. I don't want to process credits but he's taken the money out of my second life account and keeps insisting that he's going to terminate my account for not adding more information. What am I supposed to do? I'm being threatened and extorted. I just want to play secondlife. if they don't want me to buy/sell lindens or to pay them for any services then that's fine. He's said that all "of your future access to Second Life will be terminated"
  4. if you're just saying "well f you because it doesn't matter what people do to you, just comply" then that's rude. the problem is that i'm a natural born citizen (born in the woods), so i have no information that could be verified. this means that their demand is effectively: give us information that you will never have access to. that was the issue with the patriot act when it was active: some of us were born naturally and aren't on record. in my case it's an anarchistic mother and a father that didn't want me (and was never there). I signed up for second life because it looked fun and after playing it for a while, i wanted to pay into the game: to contribute towards the labs and to be able to tip and reward people (to have an even more fun experience). now i'm having my money taken from me and my account removed for nothing i've done and for nothing i can do.
  5. I have been processing credit the entire year without the information. They said that I only needed to add my paypal account and then allowed me to do so. The Patriot Act required further information, but it expired. Do you understand? I am not trying to gain access to "process credit" as I was told that I was allowed to do so if I attach my PayPal account. I have been allowed to use "process credit" the entire year and have stayed under the limit that they specified, even though the Patriot Act is not a law. This is not a case of "I want to bank. Let me." They never told me that they no longer want me to bank. They just took my funds suddenly and are now threatening my account and to steal the funds if I don't give them new information. Trying to talk about the issue resulted in Fitch forcing a downgrade from Premium, destroying my house. If they don't want me to use Process Credit anymore, then I won't. But that's not an option for Fitch: It's either give me new information about you or we steal your money. and ontop of it we'll destroy your subterranea completely if you don't give us what we want.
  6. He forced a downgrade to basic and removed my house on my account when I asked about the issue with chat support and called in over the phone. Edit: And then also erased the support ticket I opened about the issue.
  7. I'm not trying to gain access to anything and I'm not even trying to keep my ability to contribute to the labs. If they don't trust me or don't want me to participate further, then that's fine. I just don't want to be robbed by them or to be forceably raped into giving new information about myself. I can't even use the funds to continue playing and they're going to ban and block me for not giving them new information about myself. The email they send me is requesting new information about myself that is not on file right now.
  8. I am not hiding anything. I have been using second life for years and I have been transacting without any issues. I have always stayed under the limit and have not even moved from the same physical location that i play the game. They took the money from my account and they won't release it unless I give them new information about myself that is not on file. If they just wanted more information about me, then they wouldn't take the money from me and hold it as a ransom. I don't mind if they just want me to stop transacting for some reason. It's their game. But I want to at least be allowed to continue using the funds I have in game or to be allowed to return them to my paypal account (the same one that I've been using).
  9. This was my Christmas money that they're stealing. I've been logging in all year long from the same place and the information they're ransoming my money for is information that I've never put on the account. They're not trying to verify anything and they have no reason to do so, since I haven't behaved suspiciously and have always stayed under the limit that they set for transfer. I've asked them to give me a reason for this hostility and the only one that they could come up with was a reference to a law that isn't a law here in the US at all. And even then, there's nothing to justify stealing my funds to force new information out of me. I would not play second life if they don't want me to. i just don't want to get told it's ok to play and then robbed and threatened with my own money for new information about me for no reason that they want to give.
  10. He originally cited the Patriot Act as the reason for taking the funds out of my account. I told him that the Patriot Act is expired and then he said there's other reasons, but he refuses to cite them. I said that if they don't want me to transact, then I won't, but I don't want to be robbed and I don't feel comfortable forfeiting new information about myself under threat. When I reached out to support, he forced a downgrade request and just deleted my house. He said that he won't return the funds to my account and he also won't allow me to send them to my paypal account. I've bought lindens and also sold them this past year, and I've always stayed under the limit. They said that I could play and do that as long as I attached my paypal. Now they have seized my funds and refuse to cite any reason and have started to remove things and block me from support about it.
  11. i have been on for 2 years and have done no suspicious activity. Fitch just seized money and demanded new information that isn't on the account. He then forced a remove premium membership and erased the support ticket I opened about it.
  12. Please share it to warn others. I was having a good time these past couple years and suddenly I'm being robbed by one of the lindens. My support ticket about it was closed and not even responded to.
  13. they just forced a downgrade from premium request on my account
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