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  1. Maybe it's because I went straight for the crusing mode and just stay in Gear 1 all the time? Which is plenty fast for sightseeing. At Gear 1 in cruising mode the handling on Belli roadways is very solid. I have the TBF Caddie Cart too and really like it as well! It's perfect especially for the dirt roads all through campground areas, at like two taps downward from its max speed. I also really like that once you set the speed on the Caddie Cart you simply keep cruising forever at that speed and only need to turn left or right. I haven't seen/tried the mudskipper yet. Who makes it? Or do you have a link handy?
  2. @Alyona Su I finally took a Manji Type-1 out for a spin and LOVE it! Handles so great on Bellisseria roads. Love the "drift" style turns on demand just by holding Shift while you turn. Easy to stay on the roadway even on super tight near-180 street bends you find all over Southern Belli in the Victorian neighborhoods. My new favorite car for sure. Handles like a dream. I also love how if you scroll your cam in close to the cockpit, the camera stays put even when you subsequently start turning again. VERY immersive. Drive around with the top and windshield off and it's a great sight-seeing vehicle for just aimlessly exploring Belli. You've given great advice about vehicles. I love the Manji and I also love the MD-500 helicopter you recommended in another thread. ❤️
  3. Search Groups (in SL) for "Bellisseria", and I think there's a "Bellisseria Riding Club" or something like that.
  4. It's all good. 🙂 I was just trying to brainstorm "What would be more worth my while than simply have two premium alts?".... Or, if the subscription cost is indeed triple that for a single regular premium: "What would be more worth my while than simply having three premium alts?" So for example, paying slightly less than 2x regular premium for the same weekly stipend but ability to own two Linden Land parcels would be "a deal". Likewise, paying exactly 2x regular premium and getting ability to own two Linden Land parcels AND slightly more total stipend than what 2x regular premiums accounts earn would also be "a deal". Otherwise, why not just have X number of regular premium alts?
  5. I think about "what could entice me?" to upgrade from "Premium" to "Super Premium"... More land teir? Naw. Don't want no mainland purchases. It's Bellisseria-style living or nothing, for my tastes. More stipend? Meh. I mean, if I need more $L than my premium alts already earn every week, I can simply buy it as needed. Larger parcels and more LI allowance on Linden Homes land (specifically Bellisseria-type continents)? Nope. Too large and you start feeling more isolated and not like part of a community. Blake Sea, Eden, and Fruit Islands style covenant regions are too disjointed, spread out, and random-feeling for my taste. Not a visual pox like mainland, but definitely not the beautiful landscaped neighborhoods of Belli, either. Belli-sized plots, houses, houseboats and campers are just right. So what, exactly, would entice me to upgrade to Super Premium? Honestly, the ONLY two perks that would entice me would be: Ability for one Super Premium account to own TWO Linden Homes. This frees you up to play "Game of Homes" constantly on just one account. While holding on to your best parcel, you can still be fishing for an even better one to trade up to. Or just for a constant change of scenery. On one account. Ability to transfer ownership of any Linden Homes parcel to or from your other premium accounts (regular premium or super premium). I'm sitting on some really nice parcels on some alts that aren't my "mains". And some day I'm going to dump those alts. It would be nice to be able to shuffle around my favorite parcels to the "main" accounts I plan to keep forever. With that in mind, I could see paying slightly more per month (not double) for the same stipend but ability to own two parcels at a time, or paying exactly double for both two parcels at a time AND more than double the weekly stipend of a regular premium account. Those are honestly the only two options I could foresee making me want to upgrade to super premium.
  6. Yeah, honestly Bellisseria is what I'd hoped SL would have been like 14+ years ago, lol. It's been through quite a few incarnations and... um... "management visions" between then and now. That's why I would only sporadically check in during all that span of time. But since Belli came out last year, @Kitten Kaos and I have been in SL a lot. Many hours every week.
  7. My newest addiction is cruising from point A to point B in my MD 500. Flying 100% start-to-fiinish in mouselook view from the cockpit is quite immersive. It’s small enough to rez pretty much anywhere (land or water) and go. I have to say that the 15-second “grace period” on security systems is the second best feature of Bellisseria-at-large (the first best being the jaw-dropping terrain/landscaping of our fine moles). It’s just amazing to be able to fly in any direction over this huge and beautiful landscape and not get suddenly teleported home because of the mainland-style plague of insta-nuke security systems, and to not suddenly hit an invisible wall and get stuck. It’s also interesting to note how very FEW people seem to bother with the security system at all. In 3 days flying all over Belli, I’ve seen maybe 10-15 notifications of a 15-second timer. A tiny fraction. By contrast, nearly everywhere you try to go in mainland areas feels like you’re boxed in constantly (and nuked from the air quite frequently). In general, Belli amazes me for how it invites you to partake of a “slow-travel” mini game. Want to get from point A to point B? Why teleport? Why not take a road vehicle or air vehicle or rail car or boat and enjoy some fine scenery and chatting as you go? Nearly 15 years in SL and it’s Bellisseria that has single-handedly made me LOVE SL and spend a lot of time here.
  8. Somebody also released a great houseboat slot right next to Cheddar Bay (in Silent Shores) at around this same time? Just snapped it up. What a super location for many great sailing routes and scenery either north or south of the little beach marina there at the eastern toe of the boot! Here’s hoping the moles put a vehicle rez zone in the roadway turnaround that juts out into the water there! Great plots are abandoned all the time. Every nice plot I’ve ever lived in was a “pre-owned” home of some sort. Just gotta pull that slot machine lever every now and then. I’ve certainly abandoned some really nice Belli parcels in the past. I can’t be the only one who enjoys the occasional change of scenery.
  9. I also really like the MD 500 Heli. And I also really like some of the *free* balloons and lighter-than-air vehicles made by @Saphyre Cyberstar and @foneco Zuzu. (The "drone" hoverbike is perfect for a quick and quiet 1- or 2-rider aerial excursion from just about anywhere to anywhere in Belli.) Thanks to everyone for their advice and tips!
  10. That balloon is great! Exactly the type of gondola/basket poses I was looking for, and it flies great, and the slighty random wind option makes for a simple minigame too. I was glad to see that at its max wind speed, you'd move through a parcel fast enough that a 15-second security timer wouldn't trigger. I'm guessing it still might not trigger on the next-to-max speed either. And yet even the max wind speed was nice cruising/sight-seeing pace.
  11. @sceneris Would a race/party event like this be a fun thing for you to film and toss up on YouTube? I could imagine you being a “roving reporter” flying or teleporting around along with the race teams and grabbing footage during the race. ❤️ I could put embeds to your posted YT videos up on a “Belli 500” event page on my artist site, so that your footage from the last few races was always right there on the main info page.
  12. Does anyone have a favorite balloon model? That isn’t too huge? Something that seats 2-4 people and has sit anims where you’re leaned up against the basket railing looking down (or outward)? I’m thinking that would be a quiet, tranquil way to cruise over Belli at lower altitudes and sight-see without being annoying to anyone on the ground who might look up and notice?
  13. Thanks, ZZ! Ima have to get down there and check out the club HQ. Thank you two so much for being generous with the Belli community!
  14. I was tempted by that rail moped, but I wish it were at least a 2-person vehicle instead of just a solo. I find that Bibian Handcart to be fairly nice for sightseeing and chatting while enjoying the scenery flowing by, but it is kinda pricey at 680L. Haven’t tried any other models, but it’s fun to watch various engines and trolleys that come up the hill right by our camper in The Beaten Path. I need to take the freebie made by @foneco Zuzu and @Saphyre Cyberstar out for a spin sometime soon!
  15. Alyona, can the owner of a Manji car rez out a copy in a public rez zone and then give rights for anyone to drive that copy? I’ve never tried rezzing a vehicle rezzer in a public rez zone, but I guess that could work too? And then of course race participants could grab their copies from the rezzer? For the format I’ve outlined above, any fun and semi-challenging type of car could work fine. The main thing being everyone drives the same car type during the race event.
  16. Is there enough interest in the “casual, simple, social” format idea I’ve outlined above? If even a handful of people are interested in that format and think they could make a once-per-month weekend event like that (somewhere around the noon SLT time block), I can certainly get the ball rolling on the first few events and we can see if we gain traction to make it a regular thing. I can easily arrange for DJ friends/associates to throw the finish line party at the Campwich Lodge. If instead the prevailing wind here leans in favor of a more technical format with waypoint scripts and solo-oriented “ghost runs” against some week-long leaderboard site, that’s fine too, but I’d leave organizing such a thing to peeps who are more experienced in that sort of thing. Maybe there’s even room in Belli for TWO (or more) road race event formats? It’s a big continent and nothing wrong with choices. So.... I dunno. If at least 4 other people comment here that they’d be interested in a format like I described above, I’ll get the ball rolling. And if you want to help in any capacity, say so and we’ll put heads together and get something going in February. ❤️
  17. So..... There's a dirt road that leads to Campwich Lodge.... ....and the roads through the campground areas are among the most confusing and challenging because of so many intersections and branching paths.... ....And your main map and mini-map are pretty useless at letting you see the roadways from a map.... So imagine a monthly "Belli 500" event where we start at some random roadway rez point in Bellisseria that's moderately far away from Campwich Lodge. Everyone's driving the same car model (the TBF Caddy Golf Cart mentioned above (DON'T FREAK OUT on this point--keep reading!). Each cart hold a driver and up to 3 passengers (as a "team"). Everyone takes off at the same time and while they're driving they have to decide which route to take in the general direction of their red map pin showing the location of Campwich Lodge. Some teams stick with other teams and play follow the leader (or would it be the blind leading the blind?). Other teams try their luck striking out on their own. Teams in each cart are chatting with each other. Everyone in the race is chatting in the group channel too and wisecracking and talking about how they got lost or ran into a rock and it took forever to get going again, or how they're completely lost and seem to be moving in the wrong direction away from Campwich, etc. Then, as the first teams find their way to Campwich Lodge, there's one big party going one. With a live DJ. Everybody still cheering on the teams that are still trying to find their way to the Lodge. The point being, it's just a "fun race". Like a "fun run" or a typical "century" bicycle race. The point is to help EVERYONE finally get to the destination without mishap. It's not really about *being first over the finish line* so much as just *participating and having fun*. And you don't need to BUY the TBF Caddy Golf Cart to participate in the race as a driver! Any owner of the cart can rez out a copy, set its access to "Everybody can drive" (it's super easy!), and then anyone who wants to be a driver can hop in. Literally only ONE person who owns the cart needs to be there at the start of the race. For that matter, it doesn't have to be the TBF cart each month either! As long as someone owns a car/cart model that can be rezzed out many times by one owner and permissions granted for ANYONE to drive the rezzed copies, then we could certainly have any one month's race feature such car/cart models! Once a month, on a weekend sometime during the overlap between North America and Europe. Sound like fun? So yeah.... Who wants to help organize something like this? Let's get a group started?
  18. And it's strong enough to pull a camper-trailer!
  19. I am *not* an expert but a few weeks ago was in the place you are. So maybe this will kinda sorta point you in the right direction until someone more knowledgeable comes along. I *think* any train designed for the SLRR anywhere around SL will work fine? I'm guessing the different gauges are cosmetic for wheels to look like they line up with the track rails? I've used a "handcar' that is "SLRR Standard 1.96m guage" made by Bibian (Brit Balogh?) and it seemed to match the tracks in Belli just fine. I think I also saw a gift locomotive given out in one of the two Belli groups not that long ago? Made by ZZ Bottom (foneco.zuzu)? If you're a member of the groups maybe check the notices there? I've seen that engine on the tracks a few times going past my camper site near the train station in The Beaten Path, and it's a cute little engine. There are two places I know of to rez trains as of this datestamp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pugwash/199/48/24 - This is a very long train route. Super fun. Will start you off in a northerly direction and take you on quite the tour through a variety of landscapes and neighborhoods. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red Hook/94/138/32 - This is a shorter train route that starts out at the very bottom SE corner of southern Belli and takes you on a relatively short trip up through Victorian neighborhoods.
  20. I think it's only available at Cosmo right now. Later, I'm sure it will end up on the SL Marketplace in the The Black Forest shop. BTW if you can catch me in-world, I'd be happy to take you for a short spin in mine. There are quite a few access modes so you can even drive Yes! The golf cart is created by that person!
  21. This is all great discussion.... ...and I certainly don’t want to discourage any brainstorming..... But I think it’s helpful to remember the constraints and limitations of Bellisseria terrain. For example, how exactly would you get all those checkpoint devices set up where they’d need to be? You can’t exactly rez them out on public land in Belli. Also, most Belli events like I named above in the OP are “purely fun and social”. That’s why I suggested a “mad mad mad world” type of idea. And also specified “honor system” with at most some loose monitoring from the air. Seems much easier to have some really basic “honor rules” and enforce simple things like everyone using the same car with the same features and speed, etc., but otherwise just let the Belli community have fun and giggles with a a very simple race format/theme. There’s a reason I don’t sail competitively in Blake and have no desire to. But I LOVE sailing all around Belli and taking along random citizens. ^.^
  22. Thanks for the suggestions so far! Please keep them coming.
  23. Because I know that the avid Belli aviators are watching this thread, I’d love to ask the question: What is the best “noob friendly” cruising aircraft for touring the skies above Belli and sight-seeing, while still giving some of the “feel” of aviation? For example, I have my favorite sailboats for cruising and enjoying scenery (Loonetta and any BWind boat). I have my favorite motor boats for same (Cigar NP40 and that new one at Dutch Harbor). I even now have my favorite ground vehicle (that awesome new fancy golf cart by The Black Forest). But I’ve no idea where to start looking for nice aircraft for similar purpose. I’m not interested in “realistic” simulation so much as nice, smooth, controllable cruising at slow to medium speeds—but without breaking immersion too much. For example, some of the whimsical flying craft by Culprit or The Black Forest, etc. are a bit too unrealistic. I’d even take a small hot air balloon if it had good, smooth controls. Any advice?
  24. My tactic is to simply explore near my home parcels with the mini map open. (I’m not a fan of notecard-based lists because all the region names become a blur to me.) If you have the minimap setting on that shows “land borders” or something along those lines, you can see every public Rez zone as a white rectangle that is clearly placed in the middle of the road, or alongside (or near) a train station, or on the water, etc. Just walk/fly around and match what you see to your minimap and the Rez zones will be pretty obvious. For example, nearly every lighthouse has a boat Rez zone. Many streets have Rez zones. I’ve found two railway Rez zones (one is way down on the east coast of southern Belli, just below that sandy section, and the other is way over in the SE bottom part of the “boot” shape of southern Belli). There are some interesting hybrid Rez zones here and there too. A 20-second stroll down the beach from Kit’s camper in Yearning, there’s a Rez zone that straddles the water AND the beach, with a sandy beach road right there too. You can rez a boat as big as a Pacha in that water slot, or rez a golf cart or whatever on the beach and start toodling around the sand/dirt roads all through that camper region.
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