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  1. Yes, I do agree that the colleges are scams and I would way more prefer to be a photographer... but I can't find anyone who will hire me. I've done photoshop edits on multiple games. It's something I enjoy. but it does not seem that most people Will hire someone who is new to SL/has no experience in SL photography. but here is the problem if no one will hire anyone who has no to little experience, then how are those people supposed to get experience? It's just confusing, but yes thank you. I am looking to enjoy it maybe if I made money yeah that would be fun. but what I really want for a job i
  2. Thank you, I do have multiple skins and various items. I am not sure what modeling job I would be looking for but I'm just putting it out there that I am open to anything for Modeling. I am working on creating a portfolio website for my SL AV model. and yes I am working to put together some different looks. Thank you for that Response. It was very helpful. I am looking to go to a Modeling college after I get the L$ but yes I do have very little time in the game most of it I use spending time playing a Harry Potter RP. I am though willing to work around those peoples schedule when I am online.
  3. Hello, first off I would like to thank you for clicking on this post. Few things to know about me. (Down Below) I am also RPing as an 11-year-old at Hogwarts. I'm in college and also work, so Real Life comes first. I don't do Nudes/Adult Sex on the side. (Nudes Depends on the pay, Sex is a no go I'm satisfied irl) I have not been to any modeling college as I don't have the time & or money. My Account was made 1/5/2019 I have the Maitreya Lara Body with the LeLutka Bento Head, I use the Tuty AO. I am on usually All day from 12 - 6 PM SLT. Willing to work
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