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  1. Hazel's Kids is looking for 2 volunteers! Babysitters are responsible for one-on-one babysitting, playdates, and outings/activities. We are looking for one person to schedule at least 2 things during the week OR at least 2 things on weekends. Babysitters should be reliable (i.e. not canceling all the time, showing up on time), creative (you will be responsible for coming up with your own ideas each week to entertain the children), and at least 16 RP age (18+ only RL). It would be helpful if you already know the common kid/RP HUDs (Yuus/Nuus, Parents Lil Helper, Life2) but not required. Experience with PG RP and SL kids a plus. Hazel's Kids is a safe zone for kids. We offer one-on-one babysitting in the child's home, playdates and special activities at the hangout, field trips to PG sims, a home for orphans, and a donation center for transferable kid items. Please read more about Hazel's Kids on our Facebook page or website BEFORE applying. https://www.facebook.com/hazelskids/ https://hazelgroene.wixsite.com/hazelskids To apply, please contact Hazel at one of the following methods: hazelgroene@yahoo.com FB Messenger (http://facebook.com/hazelgroene5) SL notecard (hazelgroene resident) Thank you! Hazel
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