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  1. So i stumbled upon this limit on sl which pretty much makes any decent weight paint of a face a nightmare, i have this mouth that i have to weight paint but the bones are really close to each other, this makes the whole process overly complicated and frustrating, most of the time i find myself surpassing that limit in order to achieve a somehow working mouth but then again ...sl wont accept more then 4 weight group per vertex, also using the "Limit total" function doesn't help a lot. i really need some suggestions and tips for the workflows that i need to follow in or
  2. Ok so i think i figured it out, i have updated Avastar to 2.5-8 and checked "use bind pose" and "export with joints" This fixed the fingers, as for the dislocation it seem to be a sl issue so the "underform avatar" option fixes that when you change avatars that use custom joint offsets.
  3. It doesn't matter if it is first or last, the dislocation on the mesh arm persist even if i remove the item that caused that(i have to click "underform avatar" with everything removed to fix the dislocation) , then again whats going on with the fingers? i checked bone roll and it's all on zero, i must doing something wrong for sure but i don't know what.
  4. I got this options instead, should i see the "Neutral" preset in here?
  5. software used: Blender 2.79b, Avastar 2.5.1 and firestorm viewer. Hello, i'm having an issue with a mesh limb for a custom avatar i made that uses custom joint offset (pic1, pic2), i upload it with "include skin weight" and "include joint position" . the arm it self works until i wear some mesh that is rigged with a different joint offset, this will dislocate completely the limb and i have to relog to fix it. Also the fingers are all pointing in the wrong direction whenever i wear something or not. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, this is the first
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