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  1. Aw, just curiosity and see how many of family members I still have LOL I tried slnamewatch but i think is down... well, thanks guys ❤️
  2. I remember a while ago I found a site that says how many people is with your last name, like a census, but i cant find 😧 ! Hoping someone remember the site
  3. aw thank you ! you're so kind ❤️
  4. Well, i'm Dahvie Gloom xD Yes, is a male body, is Jake - Belleza ! I personally use with this deformer to look more skinnier https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Jake-Thin-Boy-Deformer/16317035 I also use female heads with the body, in this photo I'm using genus :) the skin is made by me, you can buy at Gloom https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise%20Mountain/50/69/992 And I use a neckfix (that came with the skin) to fit male body in a female head. Hope isnt so late to respond to this
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