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  1. dementra01

    Models Needed

    Hello! Would like to work with you) IM me inworld Dementra Nightcore
  2. dementra01

    I need a job.

    I looking for a job. Im hardworker, fastleaner, reliable and dedicated. Have a good looking avi. If you have a job for me - IM me inworld. (Stripes, escort - is not intersting) Thank you for your time Dementra Nightcore
  3. dementra01

    Looking for a family rather than just a job?

    I wana be a host. My name Dementra Nightcore. My avi 2 y.o. write me inworld please.
  4. dementra01

    Help! My huds stopped working(((

    Thanks for you all guys)) i fixed my huds by redeliver all items and save all unpacked copyes)))
  5. dementra01

    Help! My huds stopped working(((

    I dnt knw what happend, but my body apha hud n catwa animation hud not working. Can it be a virus inworld? If you can help please contact me inworld๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
  6. dementra01

    Manager and host

    Hello. My name is Dementra Nightcore.I'm 27y.old. I would like to work in your club. I was a host in club "Desire", but 2y.ago i left SL (rl reason). Now i'm back n need a job. I'm a fast learner.