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  1. HAHAHAHAHAA I'm also a lady and there is a funny story with that. thank you very much lovely, LOL
  2. I'm a demon myself, with an Anthro partner. If you've found a family or are still looking, I'd be very interested and would love to talk with you. Much love Xisira ❤️
  3. Hey guys, it’s funny this thread exists because I had been thinking about this the other day. Send me a message, I wouldn’t mind a sugar-person, whether friend, mentor or second life lover.
  4. I use SL as a way to live a life online that I want to live. I adore having online friends and I really see this world as a place where my friends really live and where I really can spend time with them. I really want to get into the role play on here as well, I know the community fluctuates but it’s worth filtering through the muck. I also love fashion and I really want my avatar to be dressed in the most beautiful or wonky or fashion forward things since she embodies me and my personality. Lastly, I want to create or become part of a family on here and I really love the fert
  5. Hey all, Call me Ki 🤪 I hadn’t realized that this was a thing but once I did, I knew I had to post. Second Life really is my second life. I’ve bounced between leaving the sim alone and coming back multiple times and it always seems that I end up back here. I enjoy the endless possibilities and I myself happen to be an avid role player. That community here is something I really want to delve in to. Generally, I stick to anything fantasy or anything that’s multifaceted like medieval fantasy or fantasy cyberpunk. I like to be able to be part of the RP itself while stil
  6. A long term fantasy based role play. Equal parts collaboration, smut included. Anthro Males preferred.
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