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  1. Honestly, I don't remember. At the time I thought mesh meant any avi that didn't look like one of the starter ones.
  2. That's funny - why would you believe they were lying to me? Or are you trying to say that I imagined the entire conversation? Thank you, Captain Obvious!
  3. Ohh.. I may have an answer for this.. Early when I started I was chatting with someone who "warned" me about men with woman avis. She said that mesh is a good way to tell if someone is a "genuine" woman because men don't care about their appearance, so they don't bother spending money on mesh avis.
  4. Yes. When trying to find the cause of a corner case for XXX, "some XXX improvements" typically means "well I found something, but it's probably not what's wrong."
  5. From that post, it sounds more like one of the devs said "hey, I found something that could be causing it, but probably isn't. Why don't we roll it into the logging release and see if it helps anyway?"
  6. Nope, I pretty much suck at it, unless I'm with someone I really click with. And more people for me generally means more anxiety. Even if I know the other participants well, the more people there are the less I have to say.
  7. I tried the same thing in Firestorm last night, and had no disconnects either. Previously it was set at the recommended maximum, which is (IIRC) about half the highest. My actual available bandwidth is significantly higher than the highest value that Firestorm allows. Also there was a notice about rolling restarts this morning; anyone know if this is another attempted fix for this issue?
  8. My avi is by Alantori. They're inexpensive and (IMHO) decent quality (skin and shape included.) Latest model is supposed to include BoM. There aren't a lot of people making clothing for it though - everything I have is made for other bodies.
  9. My own criteria is simple: "am I likely to want to talk to this person again". If the answer is yes, then I ask (or accept). If not, then I don't. I think I ask more often than not. I'm still relatively new, so my friend list isn't very large (30 or so). I think I've removed three friends, all due to "irreconcilable differences". I haven't had the urge to remove anyone due to non-contact or absence - again the reason being "will I want to talk to this person again."
  10. As Fionalein stated, hardware shouldn't have any bearing, but to answer your question directly: I have Nvidia 1070it and it happens frequently to me, in both Firestorm and Singularity.
  11. Absolutely true - perhaps not on the forums, but in-world. Don't be too sure - in my short time here I've had three people who insisted I voice with them so that they could be sure I was a man. One of them got quite abusive when I refused. (Although I'm sure it's nothing compared to what women go through.)
  12. I'm from Canada, I speak only English. Most of my friends are from Europe (both northern and southern). (A couple from Asia, and a few from the americas.) I'd say I met a good 90% of my friends in London City. Until this week I'd never met anyone from Africa either - but I met one on Saturday and one on Monday. In the past week I also met two people from Turkey, although one didn't speak any English, and Google Translate wasn't terribly helpful. I've met several from south american Spanish-speaking countries, most speak passable English, but two of them only speak Spanish an
  13. No, it didn't - regardless of your insistence to the contrary. The only person refusing to acknowledge anything is you. Hint: if *everyone* says you've misinterpreted something, it's likely not everybody else who's wrong. Perhaps you might try a little introspection?
  14. Neither did anyone else's. It's curious why you keep bringing it up.
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