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  1. paragonfanfare

    Dawn of the SL Dead

    No, it didn't - regardless of your insistence to the contrary. The only person refusing to acknowledge anything is you. Hint: if *everyone* says you've misinterpreted something, it's likely not everybody else who's wrong. Perhaps you might try a little introspection?
  2. paragonfanfare

    Dawn of the SL Dead

    Neither did anyone else's. It's curious why you keep bringing it up.
  3. paragonfanfare


    Gee, ya think?
  4. paragonfanfare


    I just met someone who's Bulgarian, but I don't think she uses the forums. I can give her your card if you'd like?
  5. I've never read the book, but I quite enjoyed the movie - better than I thought it would be. After reading that it was (somewhat) inspired by SL, I thought I'd see what it was like here.
  6. paragonfanfare

    Picture Group?

    Sounds good to me - I'd love to join something like that.
  7. paragonfanfare

    Conversion starters

    The best line that worked on me: A woman came up to me and said something in spanish. I responded "No hablo Espanol, do you speak English?". She then said "Come with me, we will do things."
  8. Ahh, just like the old addage "Make someone a fire, and they will be warm for a night. Set them on fire and they'll be warm for the rest of their life."