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  1. thank you wolfie! About to go to bed now, but will work with this new info tomorrow 1st thing. FYI: The referred to script is the one that started this thread/tutorial at the top, teaching how to use llRezAtRoot. But like you said, no need, I 'think' I can study yours from a quick glance over to make it work with the floor_distance. We'll see right? *chuckles* Anyway, thank you so much for your reply and explanations with examples (which are always a good thing! lol) . I would not have known to use the minus sign for sure! Wish me luck! Sweet Dreams when they come to you. UPDATE
  2. After doing some clean up of tutorial script, to keep just what I needed in order to understand all this newness without wading through other things... and it still worked so I didn't' break it. lol I went to reading and rereading this forum and making LOTS of notes from this forum .. smh. As well as reading Wulfies comment a few times to wrap my brain around that. Then, I assumed that... to make my rezzed object always land at the floor/feet (ground or air) regardless of avi size.. was to To add into state_entry vector size = llGetAgentSize(llGetOwner()); float floor_distan
  3. Thanks Wulfie, after grabbing some food and resting my eyes from all the previous reading *chuckles* I'm going to attempt to augment the tutorial script with your suggestions (using llGet Pos and llRezObject ) --- thank you so much for a direction to go in/try
  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I was at a total loss of this type of use for scripts and this was the closest I found to understand them for an item I'm making for a friend. As I was reading some other threads on this subject I realized that I in fact needed to calculate avatar size first (kids and grownups might want to use this in future) . But I'm unsure how to use what I learned here... with the (suggested from another forum here) "size of avi - z of target rez position". Assuming from further searches I would need llGetAgentSize? My project is a hand worn item that when cli
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