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  1. I have bought 4 Demos of a catawa head, each one different. It says I am wearing the head but Nothing on my avatar changes. I bought nicole, Tammy and one other and my avatar does not change at all. Is it supposed to?
  2. I cant even open these things. I am a real mess...
  3. DO you know how to open and wear? I have been to a full permission sand box. I rez the box out. It says click to wear.. It wont open... I did get the skin to open but I walk around with a card on my screen following me HUGE CARD says eyebrows base etc.. LOL I am a mess...
  4. So I need a body, a head, body skins, head skins, and body applier and a head applier too!
  5. WHere would I go to get the Maitreya body with bento hands included and skin? If I bought a Head in tan.. does the body and skin come with??? I am a little lost here. LOL I bought the Entity Catwa head in Tan
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