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  1. I wanted to share with the group about Acacia Falls newest sim, Kensington Center. I have the pleasure of being one of there executives and they really have done it correctly in creating not only a classy area, but a positive and peaceful entertainment district.. They are also attached to a larger community, Acacia Falls providing all the Role Playing Opportunities you'd expect, hospital, fire, police, departments, as well as an adult sim that includes the city's red light district, but overall, majority of there servers are Mature. Kensington Center provides two luxury apartment buildings that are difficulted to find on Second life. Of course winter has set into Acacia and I apologizes for all the wintery pictures. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kensington Center/119/176/25 The Kensington girls also build a fully functional hotel for those of you looking too get away. Although there in need of some staff being new and young company. Kensington isn't just a realestate company they've set aside considerable square footage for theatrics that there entertainment company intends to produce, from a 10 story media studio, to grand ball room, and Theater, as well as an amphitheater along the boardwalk where no doubt where tribute star will recreation pop shows, and live events in the future. It is no secret that the company will be seeking people who are interested in being entertainment arts. Acicia Falls is beautiful in it's own right. From a far Kensington Center stands out as this wonderful sky line so for those who don't live there but on the other side of the island are truly blessed with view that residents of Kensington Center don't really get to see every day. Of course no city center is complete with out little retail street next to the Hotel. Burberry street reminds me very much Newburry Street in Boston with it's brownstones, and shops along a single lane road. Kensington Center also expands to the east on Silma Island. Where there studio stands like a record label, providing set studios for graphic Novel creation, and perhaps even motion picture production for future use. All and all, If your looking for classy theater district to hang out in. I recommend Kensington Center! It is quality that must be noted. I'm sure if your interested in getting involved, there is ground floor opportunities.
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