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  1. Where can i get free mesh zombie or black eyes besides MP?
  2. Please feel free to give me the company name and or lm. ty
  3. black dragon from what i heard from several people who do use it is that the graphics are beautifully detailed. many people use it for pictures. but... i have been told by many that its difficult to move around inworld. And because black dragon needs more of your 'graphic card' or depends on your graphic card more than other platforms. the end result is that your computer can 'crash' more than say other viewers out there who depend 'less' on the graphic card. but many have told me the customer service/ support is fantastic.
  4. It is supposed to have more features for inventory specifically geared towards those who like shopping a lot. Otherwise it is extremely similar to firestorm function wise from the research I've done. People who use cts wardrobe seem to very much like catznip. And it made by the same people who made the rlv relay system. But, the look and fell is extremely close to firestorm. More than that I do not know.... because it still gets a little confusing for me. Like i tend to 'prefer' rlv collars by 'peanut 9". what exact rlv system the catznip people came up with i do not know.
  5. hi everyone... i hope someone can help me. is this the official link for catznip please? https://get.catznip.com/downloads and if anyone knows any other nice viewers that are not firestorm. please let me know. ty
  6. catwa unrigged on lelutka? there is still so much i don't know. i have a few catwa heads with many eyes. i will check out the unrigged situation in my inventory. ty
  7. i think its a tech question... im looking for a little advise/ insight on these specific type of eyes . i have a new lelutka head. i'm using bom. and i'm very unsure if these eyes will work. there is no demo. the eyes are from ENGINE ROOM EVENT. if u know anything about these EYES please let me know...
  8. what??? i hope i did not miss the fair. i will have to go check them out. cuz i didn't find what i wanted at birth.
  9. ok... i understand... is there a way to cancel the order so i can purchase the 'instant buy'? I'm just trying to figure out what to do. i'm willing to wait a few more weeks. but... then i want to see what else can be done so i can get my lindens or whatever.
  10. I bought some lindens on september 11th. I still do not have them. I checked and it seems the order did go through. I have the order number and everything. I will check with my bank today to confirm and see if they have extra information. When I placed the order I did choose the option that takes 'longer.' But, this is taking super long. I feel there may be an issue? Can anyone tell me if there is a department or email you can write to at linden labs for issues like this? ty
  11. All i wish to know is if its color changing and what colors it has? Some ads say its color changing and some say its not. so its confusing. If anyone could help me out with that information i'd appreciate it. I do not like pink. please note... i have contacted the sellers already. i was just wondering if anyone on here bought this piece and knows the answer.
  12. ty so much! i will go look... I really have been wanting fantasy eyes for one eyeball. thats kinda my thing. but... i've been having a seriously hard time finding what i call 'fantasy' eyes. they have those 'fantasy' eyes from BIRTH.... You buy the 'normal' glamour eyes i think - then - u buy the surface movement for the top layer. it makes them have the option of different types of movement on the top layer like a heart beat, etc. its a cool concept. just thought it was too many working parts for me. i have a hard enough time getting dressed. wink
  13. Jackson... I will write u a private message. or we can talk inworld?
  14. I am new to making youtube videos... I'm just trying to do my thing... And lately I have noticed an issue with the video quality of filming specifically items are MARKETPLACE and CTS WARDROBE. These 2 platforms are similar in that they are still static images on a platform with some text. When i film this the video ends up looking very blurred, very unclear. The images and text on MARKETPLACE and or CTS WARDROBE come out very unreadable and just not clear. I'm wondering why or what i can do to fix this issue? Does it have to do with the recorder not filming 'fast enough' or somethin
  15. ty... and ur right.... i will just try it out i guess. im always hesitant to try these things. Can i ask... Does Catznip have issues like... Being down, etc? I always wonder about that. And do you have an 'intel processor' or an 'AMD processor' on ur computer? The Catznip site suggests an 'AMD' which i happen to not have.
  16. Thanks... I've been referring back to the flicker lelutka group often... its just... talk about ultra time consuming trying to locate the stuff inworld. its been a process. but I've been doing it. and i'm trying to grab demos, etc. you know... side note... I've gone to a few events that either don't have demos or the makeup items are marked wrong (and also don't have a working demo) which makes me ultra hesitant to buy. But... I'm just working through it trying to figure out what i wish my avi to look like, etc.
  17. I just got a 'gaming' computer. And I do wish to try CATZNIP. I have heard CATZNIP viewer is 'better' for heavy shoppers like myself. questions: - Is there were any very specific opinions as to why CATZNIP is better for shoppers? - I would also like to know if anyone can share with me a few great things about CATZNIP and a few bad things about CATZNIP? - How is the SEARCH feature for inventory using CATZNIP? Is it good/ bad/ similar to the FIRESTORM inventory search feature? - What are the main reasons you feel CATZNIP is better than FIRESTORM? - What are th
  18. I've been having a little bit of a hard time with locating 'fantasy' eyes for LETLUKA RYN head... I am new to this head. but... I'm using BOM. i can't seem to get through on the chat function for the lelutka head group. Right now im just trying to figure out what eyes will apply and work with this head. Does anyone know if i need a eye alpha to make the euphoric gift eyes work? i don't recall the head coming with an eye alpha. When I tried using my catwa eye alpha with the Ryn head it didn't work. Also... Are there any other Lelutka inworld groups I can check into
  19. if u look on the gift section for euphoric they have a nice large set for catwa lashes. i don't know what head u have.
  20. RomanMinx... ty for the LePunk suggestion. i have not heard of them. i like getting other peoples suggestions on what works for them. Jordan... i will check out AlaskaMetro... I'm really only familiar with their nails. I'm also hitting up Mia Bilavio for (dramatic lashes). Katt... ty for the links
  21. where would u shop for gaming computer desk sets that ARE NOT PINK or red! smile... I'm interested in any color NOT PINK or red but that looks cool, well designed, etc. I really want a gaming chair, desk and computer. I was looking at the MP 'bamse' set for gamer girls. But it looks like it only comes in pink... so thats a no. but the 'bamse' set does look well designed. if u have the name of a store inworld if u can please give me the lm. i've attached the image of the 'bamse' one i like the design of...
  22. I think in the past I've asked a similar question... But... Recently LUSTHOUSE has changed their sim completely. I very much dislike the new sim set up/ look/ environment, etc... I'm curious to know if there is somewhere similar in set up. I prefer places you can hang out at and even not speak to anyone if u wish not to. Upon looking around at different places. I have come across gentlemens clubs. Problem with gentlemens clubs is they are usually ultra 'stripper focused' to the upmost degree. I have no problem at all with strippers. But.... If I walk into a gentlemens club with
  23. I just got a letlutka head... My question is about makeup... Can anyone please share what makeup you recommend with the LETLUTKA head? I'm very interested in the following... LIP GLOSS very glossy gloss that comes with some type of hud. EYE SHADOW in different colors that covers top and under eye with color. DRAMATIC LASHES ty
  24. That is not cool... I will speak to the owner. I have the older version on my main avi and they do not wrap around body. Maybe I can get the owner to sent me the 'old' version because thats what I thought I was getting anyway.
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