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  1. A first responder role play would be cool, but how long would each scenario be, I can imagine running one although I have little experience setting it up. I do have land we could crash a bus on, then hire injured RP. That just sounds amazing, like when I taught medics for war. We started with first responder on civilian type settings and then moved up from there to combat scenarios. Message me. Might be cool! Also, looking for some help with a project at my medical education center. I pay (linden) once I figure out how. Charge nothing. Free donuts, coffee in the lobby. Message me. Glial
  2. I am doing a presentation in how to use SL for education. I need 5 or 6 residents to work with me in a scripted classroom setting. I want to represent what a class dynamic would be like. I am willing to pay 100 linden per resident capping at 6 residents. There’s an opportunity for a “camping” job where the resident hangs out in an exhibit interacting with the kiosks, aka touch get notecards, read, perhaps discuss content via text within the venue. Anyone interest, please message me. Glial
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