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    Aditi/Beta Grid Down?

    Thank goodness I'm not the only one experiencing this issue! I used the SL viewer and Firestorm viewer to access Aditi and with no avail. I've used other common regions, but no access still. It keeps telling me I have a problem with my network or firewall issue, but I'm able to log into the Main Grid on both viewers with no problem. I was beginning to lose my mind since I kept checking the SL Status about it. I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread
  2. Dear Linden Lab, I started out as a non-premium member in SL, now that's not to say, I never paid a dime in SL. As a matter of fact, I did. I paid my mesh hair, mesh body and skin straight out of my own bank. I never bothered with the premium membership, because quite frankly, there weren't a lot of perks... unless one signs up for a year's worth of subscription (which you, LL, will be taking away from some VAT countries). Premium membership would be very worth it, IF it was worth it. You have mentioned that premium membership provided "premium access" to it's users, but as a premium member, I still struggle to get into high-traffic events (yay Blueberry sales!! Wooot!). Now, you've bragged about additional groups for premium members, hurray, that's great and hurray for Linden Homes, but some of us don't like your Linden Homes. I just think you could give more premium perks other than the new improved Linden homes and increased group space. The "premium gifts" idea are so outdated... most of the "stuff" you give out are high prim and low quality. Could you offer better perks... like handling tickets in a timely manner, that's a better perk than premium gifts or premium access in my opinion. Also... since you're increasing the premium membership, could you also increase the weekly stipend while you're at it? Inflation you know...? L$300 isn't as "huge" as it was a decade ago. . . I'm okay with the premium membership increase, but show "more experience" of the NOW, of why it's worth buying into it, and not promise that you'll deliver someday... because, right now, I don't think Bakes on Mesh is still happening? Is it or is it not? Did I miss a memo? All I'm saying is, there are some great and bad news (mostly headache). It's not fair to decrease the groups among non-premium residents. Just because those residents don't pay your memberships, doesn't mean they don't pay to play in SL at all. You've raised the bar and now you're lowering it reaaalllyy down. Can you pleaseee just leave their group spaces as is and just increase the premium members' groups? Why take it back when you've already raised it? You aren't losing anything if the current non-premium residents keep their 46 in-world group spaces. Group spaces are already limited, and it's one of the necessities in starting out a business in SL or managing land in SL. As a small business owner, without customers in my store's group, how am I going to spread the word of mouth about my store? I say, leave the group spaces alone... please? Just give the perks to premium members and don't "punish" the non-premium residents. As for that 5% transaction fee...I don't like it, but I know SL needs to grow. However, could you please fix the copybot, copyright and griefer issues? Creators are paying LL to help create a SL economy, but they don't have the backing of LL. Why do we still have copybots and griefer issues? The biggest question y'all should be asking amongst yourselves is: How can you keep the creators feel secure in investing at a verrryyy fragile virtual economy like SL? Just keep in mind, without content creators, SL wouldn't be where it is today. Sincerely yours, A very concerned resident.
  3. Hi there Cilene! I recently started learning blender and I seemed to have the same problem as you. I found this thread and it is relevant to what I am trying to make: a simple photo frame with a shadow. I use cycles render in blender and I have used the proper lighting to create shadows onto my model. I am wondering how do you upload a transparent baked texture with your shadows on it?
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