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  1. There was a promotion to pay early to keep a lower price on premium membership renewal and I did that earlier in the year. But now I don't see anywhere where it tells you what your premium membership length remaining is. My circumstances have changed and I need to downgrade to basic before being charged again. How do I confirm that the other full year has been added already (or when the current end date is before billing again?)
  2. Yes, occurs in both. Going to use the catwa master and other HUDs for next now and revisit skins later, thanks.
  3. Thanks Skell. It was the first one. And after all reset from catwa head master, still did same thing. So, guess I'll need to contact Stray dog or just find something else that is easier to use instead. I've bookmarked your long basics blog post to read later on and try something else. Not sure how usual it is for someone to be so challenge by the skins thing, but I guess I am.
  4. Had trouble getting skins to wrk properly today, even with someone helping me. Have signature geralt body with catwa daniel head. With catwa head, wearing "catwa bento male shape" (little 2 person icon). Bought a stray dog skin Urie for the head, but now when add it back on in home, stray dog icon is to the side, and checked that it isn't demo version. Can't get icon to leave without detaching skin. So, thinking about just sticking with basics and go for some kind of neck fix. Any thoughts on detailed turorials on how to at least add skin properly. I mean step by step from buying it and so on. I'm not sophisticated, but after few hours on this, thought I'd be further along. In the meantime, is there an easy neck fix I can use to just get by for now? I'm not even this involved in maintaining my own RL appearance, let alone SL's, lol.
  5. Thanks Tatiana, went through again to get to where I was and still see pattern, though not deep, simply noticeable. Guess I'll just wait with the person helping me on tuesday as far as making other changes.. Though it doesn't have anything listed from the demo's, maybe there is some type of skin applier hiccup. Hoping it can be resolved without starting over.
  6. Not sure what I did, but skin lines are showing on my avatar now. It is probably clicked something on and off, but even with presets, skin tone is changed from what it was before. Am planning on using a skin applier that I was demo'ing but everything is turned off of that now Is there some sequence for getting skin back to at least as good as it was before before going to appliers? It currently has a light spidey-like pattern and a different grayish sheen to the face it didn't have before. Working with someone on Tuesday for it, but just wasn't sure if there was an obvious quick fix folks were aware of? By the way, mine is Catwa Daniel head with Signature Geralt Body, initially Wyatt general avatar.
  7. Thanks for the answers. I do believe there was a bit of a lag, but I found it. At least I have it as a home to go to now when I am trying to figure things out better (like why some direction bars such as previous location seem to have disappeared on me.) Learning experiences are good as I take things slow here. Thanks again.
  8. the sequence for obtaining a house with premium membership didn't flow the way I thought. I paid premium membership, but no linden home is forthcoming. Maybe it is maintenace, but not sure what to do now.
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