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  1. Hello Looking for an event manager for weekly fundraising events. IM bottlebrain Resident inworld for details if interested.
  2. Hi I have a 1008m2 waterfront parcel available for rent. You can use it to set up a store or house or office. Breeders and farm are also allowed. 200 prims/200L weekly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Envar/3/87/21
  3. Hi I have a small 512 m2 parcel which you can use to have your office or store or any commercial purposes. 60 prims/ 100L weekly Contact me inworld if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. Hi Looking for a DJ/live musician who will play only for donations to the cause. Contact bottlebrain Resident for details if you are interested.
  5. IM me inworld if you would like a small store. No fixed rent. I'll see if I have something that suits your prim count.
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