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  1. Still finding my way around SL. Is it good enough to be posted here
  2. Please excuse me if this is not the best forum for this topic. But as a newbie, didn't know where else to post. For the last 4-5 days, I have been receiving a Malicious Domain Request Alert from Norton whenever I open Firestorm. The alert says that an intrusion attempt was blocked from an IP address. Should I be worried about this? Is there anything I should do to prevent this? Thanks Z
  3. My first post on this thread as a newbie. Photo taken by Nataliegem. Be kind😉
  4. Hi Miya. From one newbie to another. You can message me inworld any time. Zeyne
  5. Thanks so much Elora and Talligurl for these suggestions. 😀
  6. Thanks so much! I was able to choose some other eyebrows and get rid of Altamura :) Z
  7. I am a relative newbie. I recently bought an Altamura Mesh Body for I L$. I did not like the avatar and tried to remove it. While I was able to go back to my previous avatar, I have been unable to remove a eyebrowsof Altamura Mesh Body from the body. Much as I try, I have not been able to see remove/take off or delete those eyebrows. Thanks Z
  8. Thanks Tazzie and Josephine. I am using a classic body as yet. So will look up the marketplace. Fabfree seems like a fabulous place. Thanks for the suggestion:) Z
  9. A newbie of two and half months here. I have earned some Linden in the form of tips and would like to buy dresses that are more tasteful and sexier than those available on Free Dove. Can anyone please suggest a destination where I can buy some better-looking dresses within the range of 20 to 50 Linden dollars. Thanks. Z
  10. It is surely not dead for me. I just tried my first AFK (or as close to AFK I could be since I had the monitor on while I was reading an article:) at this place called Caroline's Mansion that I read about here. I had two patrons come to me and tipped me. Earned my first tip and this was, surprisingly, one of the most incredibly erotic experience I had. I can think of trying it out again:)
  11. Thanks for this. Is it a one time thing or are you looking at a more long-term commitment?
  12. Can you please also disclose how much time a wrestler has to devote to this in a week. Thanks!
  13. A newbie here with little more than 2 months and half on SL. I was recently talked into posing for a guy who took some photos on SL camera and I found the whole experience so incredibly thrilling and liberating. I am very excited about doing some unpaid shoots for a photographer who is good with camera on SL and pose for him, just for fun. Don't have the body or time for any professional work on SL. Is that some thing that anyone can help with. Thanks.
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