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  1. They can't just advertise SL that easily cause it's a sex place really. They merged the teen grid with adult grid too which makes it worse.
  2. If anyone has discord, and isn't shy on getting to know people, and if you happen to like video games, secondlife, you should consider adding me I'm looking for secondlife friends that love secondlife as much as me, and also love video games and can talk about them for hours. Say hi, introduce yourself, add me in Secondlife WinTrain Resident and we can discuss being friends on discord
  3. Been here since July 2009. I'm telling you right now that SL was way active in 2009...... It explosive, and so much fun. Maybe that's cause I was taken in awe by everything, and was more energetic than I am now? Maybe I been here too long and just don't find everything as appealing anymore, but in 2009 there was a lot of fun for me in SL. It was way easier to make friends, and I still talk to some friends from 09. I mean hell, I just graduated from school back then, now here I am with a job at 29, planning to have my own place soon. Also, you mentioned 2013. Yes it was a huge year for SL too, but I'd say 2014 was big as well. Both weren't big like in 2009, but during 2013/2014 you had some big night clubs that were really active. It's actually amazing how much SL has declined in users logging in considering mesh, and all the good changes since way back when. I think SL will decline a lot more, cause back then it was way too active right, but those users from back then are probably in their late 50's, 60's by now, the young guys like me who started at 19 are hitting middle age and have gotten jobs, and stuff. So since we are fading out like those before us, it's more difficult for newer players coming into SL cause the big places don't exist anymore or are a shell of their former selfs. So basically everyone kinda became less active since 2009.
  4. I been here since 2009. SL was so active in 2009 and popular. Well it had more users playing any given day then. 2014 Was a pretty good year too. But now SL isn't the same, and the places that were once popular barely even pull any traffic. Remember when Ambrosia usually was a full sim all day long with at least 65+ residents there all day, all night. Now it's lucky to have 10 even during the day. Lots of sims have closed down that were pretty big. So I'd say, the numbers are way lower by big percentages now.
  5. Get Winamp, Virtual DJ, or SAM Brodcaster. Get a stream from some sim and purchase your URL/key thing to add into program. Apply for a job. Get accepted for a job. Then take your brodcasting software and add tracks into it and play the music from the broadcasting software
  6. Hello. I'm WinTrain. Looking for a connection to see where it goes. SL/RL of course. Not a fan of the "SL Only" thing. It's just a excuse for cheating wives to cheat on their IRL husbands and vice versa. If you're that bored of him, or her, then leave. Anyhow, not going to put my big rant here as I did in my Actually Love card. I'm just looking for SL/RL and I'm 29 years old. I'd like to meet a woman very close to my age and who's looking for the same as me, and besides, I am the coolest guy in the universe. Maybe there's a creature that isn't human that might be cooler than me out there, but as far the human race is concerned, I have them other guys beat. I mean I know 2+2= 10. I know that we came from space and the world is flat for example. I'm very knowledgeable. For real tho, I am looking for someone who's SL/RL, and who's near my age. Also, just because you might be my girlfriend doesn't mean you will get access to my guys only server. Sorry babe, but we're on cooldown.
  7. I manage my friends list by not talking to them cause most people you meet talk to you for 1 day, add you, never speak to you again. So I just kinda keep them there on my list. I like the occasional surprise of "Who are you, how are you my friend, how did we meet?" conversations cause we haven't chatted forever. That's always fun.
  8. Just go to biker places. Most of them are in their 40's and 50's. Generally the people at Wet Willies, Big Daddy's even and a few others to be more specific. You can hang out with the crowd then while making new friends here.
  9. I'm lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...... I admitted it. I'm lonely. I been logging into my female avatar cause she has more friends than I do.... LOL. I mean she plays the table games, parties, and all of that. But then again, I really have fizzled out of the 10 years I been in SL. Went from this very adventurous guy creating silly films, and trolling with friends for so many years, to now not seeing those friends cause they dont log in anymore. Seriously.... Just name it, I've probably done it and then some. I'm looking for friends, not those talk to you 1 day friends and never again type either. To be honest, I'm now 29, I'd prefer someone right around the same age as me, also, would be nice to have some guy friends specifically cause I've only had very few I actually talked to, because hey.... I'm a guy, and we guys talk to girls. But it would be cool to chill with the broskies on Discord for hours in a group call, just us dudes having a non-gay sausage fest. Maybe we can play Runescape or something too. But yeah any guys who want to be friends with me, add me to SL by all means. WinTrain Resident and furthermore... Add me to discord, cause why not? WinTrain#0766 I'm not the same person I used to be, I kinda grown with having a job for a year, and just making more goals for myself. But yes, add me. I expect 100 friend requests by the end of May 2019, or else, I will vote for Trump 2020 to piss everyone off. Ok. Oh, and any girls who want to be friends with me is cool too. I'm a Kentucky guy.
  10. You know you are hooked on SL when you take your computer/laptop to the bathroom to get away from the screaming kids and let the entire grid hear them screaming through your mic while you hiding in the bathroom from the kids and husband. (Seen this many times).
  11. Well since being on SL. I managed to buy my first car because of it and some other things. I'd like to perhaps meet someone from SL (I haven't done that yet). I'd like to make enough to have a steady income but hit a road block in marvelous designer. However, I feel hopeful and am happy with things now.
  12. Very interesting. I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe you only think for yourself tho. What if i don't want to experience some of the current threads and you and others keeping pushing those? Hmm? Just a thought. I found some old threads interesting, and instead of creating them myself, I rather just reply to a old thread cause it's still useful etc...
  13. Free lance dancing is good. Also you can learn to greet people and then translate those skills eventually to hosting where you'll be with DJ's to learn from. If you really have ambition, you can go learn how to design stuff with marvelous designer, import to blender rand photoshop, and then you can sell your own clothes.
  14. Benjamin Booker - Believe is a good song. I can say it gives me hope.
  15. Relevant threads mind you. Also, does that hurt you? Are your pixel feelings, or real life feelings hurt in any way cause a RELEVANT thread that still can be used for information has came back?
  16. To me, my world my imagination means exactly what it implies. It's there for me to do what I imagine I can do and be all I can be.
  17. The what the F, what the F, F F F song..... It's silly but you will never be able to find it on Youtube cause it was made by 2 people who are not big Youtubers. I think anything from Bo Burnham is hilarious!!!
  18. The biker population in SL might have lower IQ's, but in general, SL IQ's are average I'd say, but there is some self made millionaires from SL!!!!!! This is definitely a interesting topic.
  19. Your post to me was not nice. So therefore you are not nice as well. I'm hurting no one.
  20. Secondlife achievements would be awesome!!!! Play 10 years, 20 years achievements, spend so much achievements, um friend achievements, owning land achievements, and using the marketplace achievements. Seeing how many people you can bump into achievements??????
  21. People just get upset over the little things in life. Just the tiniest things make most people upset. I'll never understand why. On SL, people are pretty serious and then some. I'm a nice person.
  22. I stand around and occasionally shop. I mostly look at stuff online when I'm on SL cause I'm not as active in terms of being engaged with the community as I used to be. I used to have fun creating fun film projects with friends for years, but that eventually stopped as eventually people get too busy with their IRL and come on less. Looking to join a fun RP environment that isn't urban, maybe Star Wars?
  23. I haven't ran into a song that gets suck in my head yet. Sometimes I relisten to a good song over and over for maybe a hour, but that's about it.
  24. I prefer the marketplace. Especially if there is a demo, then there is no need to go in world and lag to death. It might be fun to go out with friends in world to shopping, but that's about it, and I'm aware that some products are in world only. I'm ok with that.
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