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  1. Hi there due to people taking this job and not actually doing it we have decided to just do it ourselves as we no longer care to be jerked around sorry if this offends anyone so yeah we are good thanks to all who IMed if I could close this thread I would but I don't think I can...so just putting it out there that we are no longer looking for help..
  2. Hi there thanks for the reply and interest how long it takes can vary honestly ide say the min will be an hour and a half a day it can go quicker if you use a alt and if you keep things up well it will go quicker hope this some what answers your question if your still interested IM me in world (ladysenirasilver)) and we can talk...Thanks! Edit to add please be able to at least hear voice you do not have to talk back just hear as it makes it easier to explain things and please be fluent in English at least some what so we can communicate well...
  3. Hi there I'm looking for a DFS farm hand to help with my large farm its not overly hard work a lot of click and sit kinda stuff in return I will give you space on my land and 500 prim.. I will provide all you need to get this job done all I need is the labor as it can get time consuming and I need that time for other things in SL.. That said if you contact me and take this job you will be expected to actually do the job in a timely manner and it needs to be done at least once a day so if you honestly cannot commit to this then please do not try the last worker did not work out as they wer
  4. We have found the help we were looking for just wanted to take a min and thank all who inquired
  5. Hi all I am looking for a helper/farm hand to help keep up my DFS farm in return I will give you a home on my land for free the work is not hard mostly click and sit kinda stuff you will need to wear a hud for DFS but honestly its not laggy and its free to get...the work can be a little time consuming I currently do it myself and it can take me a hour or so a day but honestly I find it kinda relaxing there will be days you wont have to do as much as I will be around but there will be days you will have to do all of it if im not feeling to well as I do have some RL health issues that do keep me
  6. Hi there were a small family living on a rp sim we are searching for new family members one being a family dog twi or similar feral k9 avatar no heavy rp skills needed and nothing lude it's a pg thing..could also take in a cat or horse again all clean family stuff...if interested drop me a note card in world..thanks 😊
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