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  1. As you know, any invitation mom gets is likely to result in a barbecue. I'd refer you to some of my brothers, but miruhulee boava doesn't talk.
  2. Spit that stuff out!!! She may not be tough, but Mom's a terror in the kitchen.
  3. ...waves a bunch of hands.
  4. Yes, though Mom claims her pregnancy was virgin, via parthenogenesis. I have my doubts.
  5. Ahem, we do not eat each other. When peckish, we might bite off an arm or two, but they regenerate. It's no big deal. As for Dave towels... To make the entire collection you'll need 23 towels, 45 googly eyes and one eye patch. Don't ask.
  6. I think under water is an acceptable substitute for down to earth. (Imagine that scene was flooded by a damn break). I may have trouble with the urban part, though... Good luck, Kultured. Don't take us too seriously, or seriously at all.
  7. Will someone ask Mom why the runt of the litter has to do all the heavy lifting? When I log on, she's never around.
  8. Hey, it was a Dave-eat-Dave world in there!
  9. There never was a Dave24. I was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. And before Mom gets here to dispute it, if you've ever seen her spit, you know that analogy has merit.
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