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  1. Talking about rl, not sl. Haven't been on sl in awhile and my business did not launch. The sugar daddy was an sl thing with lindens, as I wanted to be a sub in sl. I am a dominatrix irl.
  2. Looking for someone who is seriously into findom...need a man to assert my dominance with 😜
  3. I read your whole post and he did seem like he had a sugar daddy-esque thing about him. As for this statement, I feel like the relationship should stand after those situations occur. That man/woman is there for you through thick and thin. Just because he isn't able to provide should not end the relationship. You adapt and work together on it. There were plenty of times when my past sugar daddy was unable to give me my weekly amount. It made the rp even better. That's where the connection comes in...a trust level is built and should withstand things like this. Long story short: It's
  4. Honestly, the guy you met seems like he was a really generous and interesting one. As for the comments and shade, I did notice that. It's a little annoying (but it IS the internet, so it happens) because I tried to be as serious as I could. This type of relationship isn't for everybody. The women (and men) who seek relationships like this are frowned upon because others don't understand the depths of the relationship (or at least the one I am looking for). We are looked at as gold diggers and such, when that's not the case. I like a certain amount of attention from my men (on SL, no
  5. I agree to a certain extent. Not only does he spoil her with material things, but sexual desires as well. In my opinion, a connection is made between the two and a level of trust is created in order to do the naughty things you both may want to do. It's a fascinating part of BDSM I enjoy a lot.
  6. Honestly, the relationship I had before was strictly in SL at first. We used voice and would rp...then it went to messaging IRL, which turned into Skype, which turned into real money. However, that relationship lasted years. There are plenty of men who still only want SL relationships for whatever reason (disabled, older, widow, etc.) but I feel like they lost their trust in women on here. Most of them probably just want to use them instead of attempting to build an actual relationship. LOL! This sounds really interesting though...something I hadn't heard of before now. This is
  7. Maybe I haven't been looking at the right ones then because..LOL. Any suggestions?
  8. My pet peeves...omg so many over the years! Just to name a few: AO's with weird walks (you try them out and you like everything BUT the walking animation) The price for mesh heads (I'm just frugal...this is not the only price I have an issue with lmao) Forums turning defensive (people really just want to post and talk about what they post...people act like piranhas sometimes) Flexi hair (why does it move like that???) The Marketplace (by now it should look different, like updated, right?) Lol there are probably soooo many more.
  9. Thank you...EST is where I stay. See I knew SLT was actually PST...so confusing lmao.
  10. I definitely hate arguing lol...if anything, I was trying to keep one of those forum arguments from starting. They get really annoying very quickly, especially for the OP. My attitude is in bed, not laying my fingers across a keyboard hehe. No negativity over here! I'm sure a nice guy will come around sooner or later...thanks for the luck!
  11. Feel free to add me inworld to talk! My name is JermaniSteele. Still in search of an amazing man who can satisfy my wants and needs, and I for them.
  12. There is only one Eastern time zone at a time...the daylight is the new time zone after Daylight Savings goes into effect. Also, no issues with the minor derail. It was just a little excessive because I do live here and research was done over something I thought I clarified. Forum talk is so interesting...oh how I have missed it.
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