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  1. mmmm....well....depends how to approach I think. A simple Hi is a dead end if there is nothing interesting following somehow. If someone wants to get to know someone then there is some intention or simple interest. so why not simply talk about this interest? I mean...wasnt there some reason to say Hi? Aside from that. When someone tries to talk to me, actually I check this person's profile. If there is nothing inside mmm...well...hopefully the "greeting" has something that keeps the conversation going. On the other hand I try to keep it up as well but I'm nobody who will do all she can to simp
  2. Guess this can happen and yeah....some have to log out to get up early. Well, hopefully LL can handle it quickly. Will just have a look tomorrow. Sorry for all clubs and events that have been cancelled. Very annoying I can assume. Perhaps we can have some fresh start soon when the issue has been fixed. I will be resting now. One positive thing is I got to know this forum a little better. Maybe I’ll have some closer look at it.
  3. mmm...actually i wouldnt mind if I could log to see my home. I'd simply be building. Well, maybe I should think about some zombie-barriers or higher fences *giggles*....mmm....damn...now i have some more ideas. thanks to apocalypse.
  4. crazy..I've been on SL for quite some time but I think i never posted something here. I also was building and thought about relogging as things got weird. So guess many are apparently having logging problems at the moment. Well...hopefully people are ok over there in California.
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