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  1. Last week we had the Manifestations festival which was part of the Design week (DDW20). The theme was Monsters in our society. That was a good event to meet up with Designers and artists and have indept conversations. I think the installations will stay a bit longer. So if you are interesed in meeting and talking about the Arts & design and Zeitgeist topics you could still try there. The main hub for all destinations is here (will be there until upcomming wednesday) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chill/218/30/21 If you like to learn more you can also watch the Lab Gab Interview by Strawberry Lindens: XOXO Sascha Carvalho
  2. I like it a lot what you people have done there. Great way to make use of the metaverse! XOXO Sascha Carvalho
  3. Sascha & Valexia Carvalho "Perfect B-day in black and a little white"
  4. I hate plowing throught he Gatcha dirt on the marketplace so much ....It waste my precious time......Remove it and dump it in some "El Cheapo"" corner seperated from the other things. I agree with post author. In RL business things like this do damage to the economy (and sales of the Merchants who put a lot of effort into their products and marketing are the victim). And for sure this also counts for the SL economy
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