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  1. Got my dream stilt home location! I looked online to know exactly what style I wanted without cycling through styles and POOF. No house. PLEASE help! Is there anything I can do? I can't place a non-linden house temporarily because it's against the rules but it's just empty sand. I'm so heartbroken 😭 Edit: The region reset did the trick, sorry for crying so quickly 😳
  2. GIRL, you just saved my Christmas thank you so much. Couldn’t figure out the file deleting and .gz stuff that’s the usual solution I kept reading. I really appreciate your help! I hope you get SO MUCH STUFF for Christmas.
  3. The majority of my inventory is missing in the firestorm viewer; everything is completely in tact on the SL basic viewer. Im unable to properly clear the inventory cache, so would it be a risk to simply reinstall Firestorm? The FS help page says that reinstalling it is the more ‘drastic step’ and I want to know if I am risking corrupting something. It also says clearing the ‘main cache’ is risky.... Please help, was looking forward to Christmas pictures and art. :(
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