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  1. 😊on the mood for some red color...... :o I don't usually wear "Kawaii" skins as my avatar is not that "cute" but somehow this skin looks like a beautiful drawing. The red lipstick and red eyes made a nice combination ♥ Do you wear red from time to time? 


    RED...color of Love and Hate? ♥ POWDER PACK Kawaii Edition >:3


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  2. ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ hello!!! Trying to do a kind of close up.... I made a new shape for my head with a free skin 😮 I don't think look too bad, I don't usually add accessories and always try to keep it simple but a little of extra color can make a big difference. Wish everyone a good day :)


    I PURPLE U ♥ SHAPE Tutorial and Free Skin Lelutka evox :)


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  3. 19 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       This is technically true, but if you take a skin designed for Head A (a very angular head with sharp features) and put it on Head B (which is a lot softer and rounder), certain features (shades) may look off. But then that's also true if you have a drastically different shape than the skin creators' whilst using the same head anyway, so, I suppose that's kind of a moot point .. 

       I know in the past there were some issues of alignment for things like nostrils, but I don't know whether the Evo X UVs are more precise than head UVs from a few years back were with such things.

    :) That's exactly (the last part of your comment) with the new evo X UV map, all the skins fit better. Also I'd like to add that all evoX skins are unisex, you can wear any female skin on any male head (evoX). I have tried it before ^^ but of course, every head has different characteristics to make them unique, so the final result will be different from the vendor. As for Lilly, I have used some skins that says Avalon and looks good ♥

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  4. 😎 today I feel like a rebel soul ♥  my Idol style :3 face wiiiiiiiiiii...... to be honest I felt in love of the top xD so I was looking for an excuse to use it. Have a great day anyone who reads this ^^ Keep shinning ♥

    Love me or HATE ME...I'm still gonna SHINE ♥ Devon evox 3.1 NEW Head


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  5. ♥ as some of us are celebratin Mother's day today :"3 I tried to make a small tribute to my mum. I felt inspired so I wanted to give it a try. She used to have a little dog like the inu puppy so I decided to add it to my picture. the cat represents my little sister XD ahahahaa (personal joke) I'm glad Lelutka has those bom add-ons to create a more mature look. ^^ I felt happy when my mum smiled after I showed her this picture. Hope everyone is having a nice moment with their families, times pass flying and we gotta treasure every day with our parents. 

    MAMÁ....my BEST friend x ever ♥


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  6. uwu Sometimes editing a picture help me to relax. I was really annoyed, when my best friend called me and told me "I'll kick anyone who brings you down" lol funny I was looking at some random pictures I made from our last trip together XD idk, it was just magical. I love when our avatars can have a matching outfit and hair :"D Unisex items rules! ♥ Have a great sunday and hope nothing erase the smile from your face today.


    YOU & I against the WORLD ♥


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    I was checking my pc and I suddenly I was watching many of the videos I made before... somehow I felt nostalgic and I decided to give them a new life. Cut some videos, and made a tiny story based on the song Love Alarm "Blooming story" ♥ I wasn't expecting to do this but, memories are important so I wont lose those moments that meant something for me and my SL.

    Feel free to check it if you are interested, nothing fancy or pro. Just a mix out of a random inspiration. 


  8. 4 hours ago, RitaCallisto said:

    Do you perhaps have two sets of eyes on? It really does look like you have eyes phasing through eyes, so my first thought was also what Rowan mentioned.

    Would it perhaps be the new Catwa head? If so, unfortunately I have no idea then.. all I know is the eyes are a complete nightmare to manage on that head's HUD from my experience.

    Yes I think the same, also, are you using BOM?  I was working on my shape last night and everything worked fine for me. Are you wearing the rigged eyes that come with the head? if so, I can only think on an alpha problem :< 

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