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  1. Monterey dreaming . . . settling into my new home. Busy, Busy!
  2. I so agree Vanoralynna! Every personal vision is inspiring, each in it's own way. My own is based on fond memories of the year I got to live by the ocean in Monterey, CA. In a parallel universe I am there still . . . and now in SL too! Lol Thank you, everybody involved in it at Linden Lab! Inside, I only added one wall to break up the downstairs space a bit and lowered the doorways. I don't care for a lot of rooms and navigating walls/doorways. Lol The front room is the living room. Behind that are various pieces to make the area look nice. Upstairs, I left it wide open. Unfortunately, I'm out of LI until my Fennux have their last babies and I can make them pets to keep in inventory. I'll use that freed up LI to put something on the upstairs deck. Pretty bare right now.
  3. Hmmm - did I miss the bunny hop? Be away for a few days & come back to busy, busy! 😉 I had to go find an outfit - will have to do the same for the superhero/villain but have limited budget so sometimes will just enjoy all your wonderful snapshots! 😊 (and use the clothes I have for this thread)
  4. Doing better with the shadows, but can't seem to get my skin color the way I want it. Hmmm, maybe time for a new skin? Lol I've had this one so long, I don't remember when I got it!
  5. Hmmm .… Now what does that button do? Lol, just experiencing my first smartphone in rl!
  6. This turned out really nice Alyona! It looks like you just surfaced after diving in.
  7. Spring where are you? I forgot how to ride my bike . . . . . . and I need color! (still lots of snow here in Adirondacks!)
  8. Rain, Rain - Go Away! more experimenting . . .
  9. Very Elegant! To me, this looks likes something you might see in a fashion magazine! This turned out nice - clubhouse, yay! Lol
  10. (sorry for the delay, under the weather) Thx Scylla! I thought they were funny too - I got a variety. (alien, ladybug, comic book exclamations) rofl I found them here: Mad' [La Boucherie], Oro (27, 214, 1999) - Moderate and that's also where the tattoo shop is. (although you can't actually get into it) The tube dress & the shirt are both pieces from two different outfits at Rooster n Chix : Home of Roosters n cHix, Helgrind (92, 70, 21) - Adult I have an Altamura body so I have to pick parts that I can make fit from other body design fashions. PS Talli - where is your art gallery?
  11. So, I found a shirt blouse I really like, but it was a little revealing. This tube dress didn't quite work the way I wanted it to, to go with it so I went searching for pasties. 😳 Didn't find any at the tattoo shop, but did find some next door. They were just what the shirt needed! THEN I needed the right shorts . . . Lol Then I finally got around to the snap to test out the pasties and they work real well.
  12. Love your snaps!! So many of them look very realistic.
  13. Wow Angelina! Just . . . WOW! Lol - I'm slacking! Not sure how many I have, maybe 50 … Thanks for the tip - I checked it out. They have it in reds at this gacha reseller, the other styles look good too - and this link is for your blonds: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tableau-Vivant-Summer-Hairplay-Sundowner-Blonds/11887581 😃
  14. Me too! LOL I have 4 pair of heels and about that of ankle boots - but I have so many hairstyles I have a problem when I want to create a new outfit. Lately I've been working on creating pictures of them. I love how you can change the look or "feel" of an outfit just by changing your hairstyle! : ) Color too, but I don't change that much. Would you know if Akane (by Argrace I believe) is still available somewhere? I checked in their store & didn't see it, then I checked marketplace & they have poses to use with the hair but not the hair itself! (or anyplace that has hair to use when lying down?)
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