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  1. I made a click-able water rez zone map of Bellisseria.... heres my link to it... Just thank SinaMax (me)
  2. The First "Bellisseria Citizens Parade & Fair" hosted by the Blake Sea Marine Parade When: September 14, 2019 Time: 10am to 10pm SLT Where: Bellisseria Fairgrounds DJ's Live Singers Live Bands Live Marine Parades Fireworks Ferris Wheel, Horse Rides, Live Zoo, Balloon Rides, Magic Carpet Rides, helicopter rides Photographer / Videographers Tattoo Artist Painters If you can volunteer in any of those positions, please let me know so I can put you on the rez list. and everything is free.... So com
  3. ADMISSION: Free to public. You don’t want to miss Second Life's Lighted "World Ocean's Day Parade" and Holiday Celebrations in Linden Waters starting on Monday, June 8, 2020. The week long parades will begin each day at areas near you all over SL and will feature festive lighted floats, fireworks, music and live singers as well as appearances from some of your favorite artist. Large crowds of spectators looking to bask in the holiday spirit are anticipated along the published route as parade entries make their way from the Blake Sea Marine Parade Group Headquarters to your home, mari
  4. The Blake Sea Marine Parade is and will be hosting parades all over SL. We are looking for people who love the water and love a parade. If it floats, fly's, or stands by and watch's, then you are invited to join us. We are looking for entertainers, developers and managers to assist us. The group is located on the Hage about 4 sims NE of the Leviathan Skeleton. Here is our website with all the details. Just friend SinaMax, and drop by our clubhouse anytime. Join our group soon. Party before and after. We will provide the entertainmet and narration during the events. We are currently recrui
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