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  1. *bump* since the new ones are now animesh ,they dont show stages anymore.. so do the new versions grow? also,do they even show when they are hungry wet tired or are u just expected to do all those things foe it in 24 hours? Actual expeirenced advice would be great. Thank you.
  2. THAT is a judgement. NOT a statement.You are making ur own statement about what u feel. Not fact as you have no basis to know any of it.And as of my grammer and spelling, I'll write how i like Judgy Judgerson... and Please pLEASE PLEASE feel free to simply NOT POST when you feel a crime of the written language has occurred. MOVING ON.....
  3. that is correct thank you. u talked about dating profiles and women starting convos with you...and u enjoy shredding ppl's attempts to find others, so what are u lookiNg for? sex? rl/sl relationship? r u just exploring? sounds like u r looking for a connection at some point from ur posts...and god knows ur quick to judge others.
  4. Forget it.Ur avoiding the actual question..which shows why u post on here dear..moving on....
  5. not what i meant and you know it. Now answer the fracking question.
  6. drake...why do u sound so angry? and what r u looking for in sl?
  7. i'm happy for you. where do you go to find these dates?
  8. and I apologize Matt-i was tryng to quote Orwar, not you.. Ok......................... so I really appreciate the psychoanalysis of everyone of saying i need to work on myself and that what i want is unrealistic. Its SECONDLIFE ROLEPLAY. Please get a grip. I have no doubt there is someone who wants what i want. Other ppl find partners here. I dont see why i cant either.. or the original poster.I didn't post for advice.. or judgment. So, u can go right ahead and continue to do so.. but this is more of a shout out for a man that would like a wife in secondlife (of course we need to date a bit first) , that wants a home and a baby . someone that likes to explore.. is in EST around 5-8 during the week and off and on weekends thar we could workout.someone at least 40, NOT into BDSM lifestyle but isnt shy in about his sexuality. Someone that is emotional and would like to express jt in a safe place. I am in US. I only understand English, I am looking for a well kept avi as I keep up witb my look and think fashion is art.I want to explore, learn and love witb someone. I am more than these words and I know u are as well. My avi is the same name as here. say hi and and give the name of this post " what bout a date" so i know ur serious. Thanks. And to the asshats that are about to rip this to shreds... go right ahead but ... u like making fun of someone who is simply asking for a companion.. so.. Wow,thats u.
  9. EXACTLY!! And.. i want to like the man im with. I dont like ppl that want to toss me around and dom me. I know peeps are into that, but I'm not. I'm kinky. but I dint do LIFESTYLES. i would love to find a man to share SL with. Someone that keeps his word, actally talks...has his own opinions but can compromise.. is at least 40... wants a family RP and wants soemone to love him in SL.. to know thats there waiting for him in world... a safe space.. and he doesnt need to collar me to get. I just dont see... aside from hours compatibility.. why its so hard to find someone half way decent. message me here.. in world.. what ever.. what im looking for is in my picks with more in depth info.
  10. totally agree. i really hope there are male avis that would want this as well
  11. I would be willing to do that as i am looking for a place to do romantic Rp and have a husband and family.
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