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  1. I'm into modeling atm, and I hang out at clubs, pop in with friends, shop for the latest things, sim hop for new shoot locations....meet new ppl...flirt.. rinse repeat..
  2. I also refuse to voice / cam. simply because the guy is always a disappointment. That perfect avi never matches the voice and pics and for me SL is all about being perfect and having fantasy.
  3. im not a noob.. at all.. and I have NEVER HEARD OF JUMPMAN... LOL
  4. i will watch ur child avi/baby. 50l per hour. ur house or mine. let me know here and we can meet in world.
  5. anyone know of a non western non fantasy based 1800's RP sim?
  6. i have thw mamaalpha belly and its mesh... where can i find clothes for that? honestly i didnt think it would be this hard.
  7. well.... then that's an issue for me. maybe its not for others.
  8. i am interested in building a portfolio as a model either in store or photo. will work sit/work for pics or trade such as clothes/goods. https://www.flickr.com/photos/184720131@N02/
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