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  1. Get ready because Second Life's favorite morning show is returning!
  2. Our co-hosts will do some banter, have a guest, and feature some in-world news or destinations.
  3. I am an up and coming machinimatographer, and founder of Stand By TV. If you are in need of a video for any reason, do not hesitate to message me. Here is a sample video I made a few days ago.
  4. Thank you all so much! It's called the forest winter wonderland.
  5. Please let me know what you all think.
  6. Do you have a business or location that you're looking to promote? Are you a musician looking to film a music video? Contact me today and I would love to work with you.
  7. Stand By TV is now casting for it's first morning talk show Wake Up! Second Life We are looking for motivated, outgoing, charismatic people who enjoy chatting and learning new things. Our goal is to have two co-hosts interview guests, have singers and performers, and much much more. All of this will be done in voice as we intend to film this and upload it to youtube and facebook. If you are a DJ this may be right up your ally. Our co-hosts will do some witty banter, discuss some RL entertainment news, various topics, tell us what they did the night before (you can make things up for that part), and just share a cup of coffee with our viewers. Season one will have around 6 to 8 episodes that will be filmed once a week. If this interests you, please drop me a note card asap to FreyjaDivine
  8. I am a 36 yr old mtf transgender seeking a husband in-world, of course we would have to date and all that to see if we're compatible. I'm on the east coast of the us. I'd like to meet someone who is in-world quite often with a similar time zone. Feel free to message me.
  9. Stand By TV is seeking staff! Social Media Managers, Advertising/Sponsorship Agents, On-Air Personalities, Writers, Directors and more. Please contact me in-world today.
  10. Stand By TV is seeking on air personalities, machinimatographers, graphic designers, writers, directors, and more. Please Like our facebook page and contact FreyjaDivine to get involved.
  11. Do you have an amazing, high quality look? Do you have a sparkling personality? Do you enjoy chatting on voice with your friends for hours? Then I am looking for you! I am now casting for the upcoming morning show, Wake Up! Second Life! We will be a weekly morning talk show in the vein of Live with Kelly and Ryan or This Morning (for you UK folks)! Message me if you are interested in auditioning!
  12. Good day, I am kicking around the idea of launching a tv network in second life and am looking for a machinimatographer, or machinimatographers who may be interested in doing some filming. Please message me at your earliest convenience.
  13. That's just sad. The fakes do all that. If you're such a skeptic, quit commenting on my posts.
  14. I don't have to be psychic to know when a troll is going to start their nonsense.
  15. there's always one skeptic in the bunch
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