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  1. Hey not sure which topic this would fall under but if you're feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, etc and need someone to listen drop me a message.
  2. Have you ever dated someone who tried to hide the fact that they have alts? If so, how did you find out they had an alt or more than one alt?
  3. Please move to the proper thread, not sure where to post it. I am rattling around the idea of having a benefit concert/show where people can come and perform a song or two, or perhaps do a dance act. No linden will be donated in-world but URL's will be provided such as the actor's fund, broadway cares, the red cross, etc, people can donate directly on the websites of these various organizations and just have an evening of fun and entertainment while we all socially distance ourselves together in-world. Feel free to message me if you're interested in this idea and if I am not in-world, please drop me a note card because my notices often get capped.
  4. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any interest so far.
  5. Hey there, I am looking for a potential husband to share my second life with. I enjoy dancing, exploring, and just your typical SL activities. I enjoy taking photos and have a flickr account and I am working on launching my own business in-world. I am on the EST timezone and I'm in-world quite often, early mornings and late nights.
  6. The group that was charging wasn't even my group, it is owned by a former business partner named RubyDymind Resident. Once I saw that she was charging and throwing people out of the group I chose to start my own group. I do not charge people to join my modeling group. I am the sole owner of Divine Entertainment. You can find me and my group in-world. We currently have three models and are always on the lookout for more. Our first video shoot, "Truth or Dare" is being planned for after the new year and will take place when we get a few other adult models in the group.
  7. Are you an outgoing, laid back person? Are you comfortable with adult situations? Do you have a high quality look? If you answered yes to these, feel free to fill out the application and I will be with you within 72 hours.
  8. Not sure if this the right section. I am looking for men and women for my adult entertainment company. You do not need any previous experience. Just fill out this application and I will be with you within 72 hours.
  9. I am working on launching a new adult modeling company in sl and am looking for models. Please drop me a note card to schedule a meeting.
  10. Get ready because Second Life's favorite morning show is returning!
  11. Our co-hosts will do some banter, have a guest, and feature some in-world news or destinations.
  12. I am an up and coming machinimatographer, and founder of Stand By TV. If you are in need of a video for any reason, do not hesitate to message me. Here is a sample video I made a few days ago.
  13. Thank you all so much! It's called the forest winter wonderland.
  14. Please let me know what you all think.
  15. Do you have a business or location that you're looking to promote? Are you a musician looking to film a music video? Contact me today and I would love to work with you.
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