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  1. I'd like to do a festival. Concerts, dance troupes, building classes, tribute bands, themed shopping (like gothic/halloween stuff for a halloween event or christmas items for that season).
  2. I am putting together a team to establish massive holiday events throughout the year, or one event per year (christmas, halloween) .. If you are interested please drop me a note card.
  3. I'm looking to film a short project and am looking for a machinimatographer. Drop me a note card in-world.
  4. I am seeking a photographer who can help set up photoshoots, someone with any poser, and someone who has a creative eye. Please message me in-world today.
  5. Hey, I'm looking to find a man in-world to spend time with and possibly fall in love with, maybe do the marriage and kids thing. He has to be open to a few things which we will discuss if anyone responds to this post. I am in-world mostly everyday from about midnight - 6 am slt and sporadically throughout the day and can adjust my schedule accordingly so we can spend time together.
  6. Kiss This TV is looking for men who are open to showing off and who are interested in making a few linden. Drop a note card to FreyjaDivine with photos of your avatar.
  7. Kiss This Entertainment is rebranding and is seeking men who may be interested in breaking into the modeling/adult modeling world. Please drop me a note card in-world or stop by the studio for an application.
  8. Kiss This TV is in need of staff. From builders and scripters to on-air personalities. Please visit bit.ly/KissThisTV or drop a note card to FreyjaDivine
  9. Kiss This Entertainment is looking for a machinimatographer to help bring our new in-world TV network to life. Please message or note card VictoriaDiseyre to set up a meeting.
  10. Kiss This TV is searching for people with good looking, high quality avatars who are comfortable using voice to become on-air personalities. We are a new adult multimedia company based in Second Life. If you would like to apply, drop a note card to FreyjaDivine. In the meantime, check out our newly redesigned website bit.ly/KissThisTV
  11. Website is located at bit.ly/KissThisTV
  12. Kiss This Entertainment is need of investors As you most likely know we are a brand new second life based adult entertainment company. Our goal is to create hot, fresh, adult content for the residents across the metaverse and in order to do that we are planning on launching a new in-world television network, Kiss This TV in mid-2019. Kiss This TV will be a subscription based TV network similar to PlayBoy TV in RL and will feature hot clips and full length features and programming. The short clips we will be filming will not require voice, but if a model is hoping to appear in one or more of our features or programs we will ask them to speak on voice, and that may include moaning and other sexual sounds. We must insist on all of our models be at least 21 years of age as not to violate Linden Labs terms of service, and when they apply they are agreeing that they are at least 21. Drop a note card to FreyjaDivine today to set up a meeting.
  13. Outlandish Entertainment is hiring staff. We need friendly, charismatic, dedicated people to come on board and work as a team to reach a wide variety of clients. We are hiring sales agents, machinimatographers, marketing agents, and models/escorts. All positions are commission based. Sales agents, marketing agents, machinimatographers and models will keep 100% of their earnings. Escorts will give a small 10% to the business. We are an adult entertainment company here in second life and we are beginning to grow. You can stop by our studio today to apply. Our website is located at http://outlandishentertainment.webs.com
  14. Outlandish Entertainment is seeking machinimatographers to help film upcoming scenes, movies, and in-world television programming. This will be a commission based pay and you will still be free to film your own projects. We are an adult entertainment company aiming to create custom, specialized work for high paying elite clients. Please stop by our office and pick up an application today. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La Palma/152/235/3003
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