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  1. Maybe. But it's good to know how they work, so I can stay far away from them.
  2. No one can answer for somebody else. I think building a big virtual house or putting an avatar to dance over a blue ball is silly, but some people love it and I understand. Maybe some people don't like the idea of simply having a partner: they want to pay to be in control (or get paid to be under control) because it's part of their fantasy. It is not "total BS". Your advice may work, but it's unethical. I hope everyone doing it get punished/banned, etc.
  3. Wow, thank you very much for all good information, bookmarked for future reference. This is the root of the problem. I tried to link my verified PayPal account to LL (verified and used for operations both in my currency and US dollar) so I could finally have Payment Info and open a store, but it never worked for me. PayPal asks for credit card information. First, I don't have and I don't want a credit card. Second, many people in this forum told me they were able to link their PP accounts, even without cc info. I suppose it's an issue about my bank (I live in Brazil). So, unless I
  4. As I said before somewhere in this forum, I was never able to link my PayPal account to Linden Labs, so I still can't open a store - I'm producing tattoos for friends and I would like to make it "professional". Someone told me to try Caspervend system, so can anyone experienced explain the basics on how it works? Do I still need to link my PayPal to Linden Labs? Can I use Caspervend to sell my creation not owning land/store? If yes, I suppose they have a tax, right? I know I can simple browse their extensive FAQs and a wiki, but I would like to see opinions of users. Thank you.
  5. Unless they don't sell something saying "permanent updates" or something, I don't think will be fair to sell the same one with a major update.
  6. *Ctrl Alt T to check all women in the place with... tools hanging and dodging like Neo in The Matrix* What's the problem bringing one-night stands home? Use it, ban it. Or not, if he is a "pleasant visit". Well, why not? But sometimes is good idea asking friendship to find the person as a yellow dot in my map when visiting some places. Useful for interesting people that I want to casually meet again.
  7. 9 gs dancing? My "girlfriend" danced for a couple months and couldn't even make 1K, even having a nice avatar. Maybe I should morph and dance myself too
  8. Too much words, didn't read . Reminds me the "para-RP" thing, it's so incredibly boring... Even worst than "sit-in-a-ball-and-stay-mute-for-10-minutes".
  9. Somos dois. Abri ticket sobre isso com a LL e com o PP. Nada. Impressionante é que meu PP serve para praticamente tudo. Pago Facebook, recebo de empresas de fora. Mas só a LL não aceita.
  10. My fault. I was sure this was the People > General Discussion... Thank you again. (Any moderator able to move it, feel free).
  11. The warning is done, I just need to set the outside source. Sounds like the best way, since there is no way to provide note links "P2P", let's say. That's a good one, except the fact that I don't log daily, so I would really need trustable managers. Sadly the land solution is great, but far from my "the wanderer" reality LOL Thank you for the ideas.
  12. I feel stupid since I'm here (SL I mean) for almost a full year and still don't know some basic tricks. I have a group. This group is ahn... adult oriented, so we need to have clear rules BEFORE people decide to join to prevent tons of drama. How can I make the notecard available to everyone before it? (I know there is an area for group notices, but I need to let people check rules before joining.) Maybe I should create a blog elsewhere with the rules and link it on group description? Will it work?
  13. I have large experience with Photoshop and Illustrator, but little to none with 3D softwares. Following recommendations, I'm using Mudbox to apply the texture/tattoo as stencil, and export the uv as a Photoshop file, so the tattoo doesn't get too flat. For a localized tattoo, it's great. But it's almost impossible to make it seamless. The distortion to wrap the surface makes very difficult to reposition the stencil exactly on the edge of the previous application. Is there any developer here to tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Is Mudbox the right tool, the one you use? Or is it p
  14. It wasn't really clear. The correct term should be "wearer" and not "user". So yes, I'm trying to animate the one who wears the HUD. *** Thank you, but it doesn't work for me this way. Anyway, it's working this way: default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); [...] and... else if (message == "Hate") { llStartAnimation("hate"); [...] It's working simple as that. Not sure about caveats, still testing. Unbelievably easy
  15. Ok, abusing your patience, but I'm really trying to learn it. In your previous explanation, you told me that: attach(key id) { if(id) llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } This must be on 'default', so it gives permission for any animation on the attach event, and any time later, right? Then, "at any point later when you would need to play an animation, you can simply call llStartAnimation". I tried exactly this right now, same error of "script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set"...
  16. Still not working, I'll let here a more complete code so maybe someone can point me where I'm doing wrong. My intention is: when person who wears the object clicks "hate" or "love" in response to the HUD, his or her avatar will play an animation. Example: a poke, you can like or hate, and react accordingly (it's more a study, don't take it so seriously as a finished idea of product): list openChoices = ["Love", "Hate", "-"]; string dialogInfo; key toucherID; key ownerID; integer channelDialog; integer listenHandle; integer onoff; string thaName; string ownerName; default { attac
  17. I guess I'm using the wrong function... The right one seems to be http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlStartObjectAnimation (not working at the moment, anyway LOL) else if (message == "Hate") { llInstantMessage(toucherID, "HATED it!"); llStartObjectAnimation("AnimationName"); }
  18. It returns a "syntax error" on Line 101, that is: run_time_permissions(integer perm) {
  19. Yes, like this? touch_start(integer num_detected) { llRequestPermissions(llDetectedKey(0), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); // from object owner
  20. Hello. I'm creating an item to wear and let other avatars touch you, then user will react with love or hate. The HUD is working OK. The problem is: after wearer's response, the avatar must react with an animation of love or disgust. I'm struggling to start the animation, probably something about permissions. Question: - How can I start the animation without asking for permission? Or will it happen automatically? - Am I using the wrong function (llStartAnimation)? Excerpt: else if (message == "Hate") { llInstantMessage(toucherID, "HATED IT!"); // to person who touche
  21. Thank you for the suggestion. To be honest, I don't even see this option :P Maybe because my PP account is already with both currencies. I'll see if this is possible (add funds in a different currency from my bank, what would involve an exchange operation). Some people said their account is zeroed, so to illustrate, this is my current balance: 0 USD and some BRL (that PP insist in show in USD because I changed the "default currency". No luck, anyway.
  22. How can I make "enough to cover the premium" if I can't even start to sell, to begin with? Maybe I didn't get your point.
  23. Não sei se é "enrolação", tem experiência com isso ou é só palpite? Foi uma resposta passada a mim por um canal oficial do PayPal. Como educadamente expliquei ao longo do post, não quero e não vou vincular cartão porque NÃO TENHO, NÃO QUERO TER cartão, e NÃO VOU arrumar um só por causa de SL. E para realizar operações de venda de itens, eu precisaria da loja. A não ser que você tenha uma sugestão mais útil.
  24. Ok, now I have an official answer from PayPal. The problem is: depending on which bank is linked to our PayPal account, transactions in other currencies will be denied. Since it's a USD operation (even I'm not buying nothing at the moment) and my bank is Brazilian (BRL), the operation is denied. They advise was to get a prepaid virtual credit card. This is really strange to me. I've received USD payments in the same account before, and PayPal was a gate before sending the money to my bank. They are talking like if any Linden Lab money would be taken or put directly in my account, with no
  25. Está sem informação de pagamento... porque não consigo inserir a informação de pagamento =D Li vários tópicos por aqui, e parece lugar-comum que qualquer conta PayPal, mesmo sem qualquer transação ou saldo, pode ser usada para vínculo com o site da Linden Research. A maioria dos usuários relata não ter vinculado o cartão, então não faz o menor sentido que o PayPal exija um cartão para tal operação. Ligaram pra mim hoje mas não estava em casa, estou aguardando outro contado deles (PP). O ticket seria para perguntar porque o PayPal está tratando a operação como uma "purchase", já que
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