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  1. If still looking I can do mesh logos - iasylumi
  2. Hmm i never have exactly managed other stores but i do have my own.. i also do a LITTLE meshing im still learning but hell id give it a shot
  3. What if we have not made a portfolio but love decorating... could we still apply
  4. You can message me in world if youd like - iasylumi
  5. I can look at the texture and see if i can help but i do agree with the lady above. In order to really work on something we would have to purchase the item to modify it. Which would cost more because texturing alone isnt a walk in the park let alone texturing blindly without knowing the outcome of it on a product. Do you plan to provide the item as well as the pay for the textures being done?
  6. I am a graphic artist you can leave me a note card in world and i can show u my portfolio- iAsylumi
  7. Hello if youd like to message me in world you may - iAsylumiHello if youd like to message me in world you may - iAsylumi
  8. Very intrested ! You can message me in world at iasylumi
  9. Question. When you say dancers you mean as basically a host. Drawing in customers talking to them etc? Just thought I'd ask before applying
  10. I am a digital artist. I hand draw pieces on a graphics tablet in photoshop. I do this for a living through my Facebook but looking to branch out Into sl. Pricing can be discussed through inworld ( name is iAsylumi ). You do not need to provide pictures you may send me referances for me to use. I can also add the picture to frames for house decor if wanted. ❣
  11. I am -MENTALGRAPHICS- on Facebook. I also have my own store on MP I edit photos for [MENTALASYLUM]
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