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  1. I would like to know: If I sell some L$, will I receive the money straight into my credit card? My payment method is associate with the credit card.
  2. Hey! I need help! I just started creating tattoos for myself but the Tattoo get kinda blurry and lost the quality when i add to my body, I think the photos will give you guys an idea what I'm talking about. Anyone with tattoo creation skills can help me?
  3. Hey! I started making some tattoos for myself and i was wondering if someone who makes tattoos could take some of my questions. I'll be forever grateful
  4. I got a Genus head recently but the eyes are too sunken and edit my own mesh eyes doesn't work. Someone knows how to fix it? I really don't like the look and if is something that can't be managed i'll buy another head. The first pic i tried to fit the mesh eyes but they escape The second is when I frozen my eyes.. with no movement
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