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  1. If they can change settings or control viewer (somehow) then they could use that to hack computer (afterwards). In any case, unless you use QubesOS (free operative system) there is not worlds best security system (nor even payed one, not that is difficult to get better security than win10 anyway) unless we talk about routers. So to use a usb-live to make sure nothing touches your OS for example would be first step if you were worried about some serious hacking.
  2. There is the possibility a) to control the animations of avatars b) use the rlv functions of the viewer remotely c) If someone is able to change settings of your viewer... then they are very good at it d) if besides that they control your avatar/viewer without infecting your computer... they are very good at it A and B are most common ones. If you encounter C and D simply consider to take security precautions intended to protect your whole computer (passing antivirus, deleting temporal files, checking internet connection works correctly before hand, using vpn, changing to a secure linux d
  3. As a default security precaution always always ignore those two buttons and click on the X button to close the window instead (unless there is not X in such case I would consider rather to relog)
  4. There is an inworld location where they have a button to get bans deleted. It only works in occasions. Try that. Unless you already tried. If this does not work try again writing them in their website.
  5. They do identify people by ip addresses however and do take into account such ip address to decide if to ban or not (using subjective judgements therefore) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I correct this part I wrote. Seems threads should not be ordered based on votes maybe when people are arguing about the rules, else this does not make much sense... my bad.
  6. They say they do not publish or share. They could be lying for all I know. /me shrugs Why do I need to believe it? What reassurance is there? None This of notecards is an example. I could write two notecards with lies and make a script to update it and then to say it is a security system. Technically the legality of the security system therefore would depend of the efficiency of the system and the way to repair errors not just me telling "its my security system woe woe respect it, I do destroy your privacy but do not worry woe woe trust me I will not handle it to anybody" In r
  7. I just wonder who really knows if they even asked linden labs or not. Even so If I can not write notecards defaming you then they can not store information regarding people to ban them en masse because same attributes and causes applies. So If I want to defame I just only need to write notecards and sell them in marketplace ? I see it like that... No bashing you here Ethan, just speaking my mind now because I really wonder about that.
  8. I was banned as well for "entering into a sim" (legal sim) " joining a group" (legal group, for 2 minutes, and sandboxes need group to rezz objects and do all kind of normal things) "and using vpn" (legal usage too). (No, I was not harassing the sim, they just see the sim as enemies of Vodoo system, apparently. ) You should rather answer the problem and not the person who asks for help. He should write better but he is also obviously nervous. I can even know what you download from torrent lists by checking your ip alone (if you use, but there are more lists out there). In a
  9. You can skip all you want but it will because you don´t read well. I never said owners could not ban whoever they wanted, I say that defamation, harassment and intolerance is a TOS violation it does not matter if you are the owner or not. To use devices to store information and to falsely advertise this data belongs to grieffers and trolls when it´s not true therefore enters into harassment, defamation and intolerance article. Owners can ban but Vodoo security system can not lie. Owner can ban but can not defame. Owners can also ban every "black skinned person" of Seco
  10. Real life height explained: Genetics (60% determination) + food your parents ate (0-20%) + food you ate (0-20%-[40% if parents never ate]) = You can be as small as the boy next door but still be an adult if the boy is lucky and you are unlucky.
  11. This is just your interpretation. I was banned by Vodoo security system in one occasion too. They ban people based on subjective stuff like "entering into a sim one time" "entering into one group one time" and "using vpn". This means they can ban you for existing as well or creating an avatar with a name they don't like, a hairstyle they don't like etc etc This can enter into defamation category and harassment and intolerance in fact. (I do not need to explain t why I use vpn or not, we are not in Third Reich and ips are something only LindenLabs should be allowed to use in the
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