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  1. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. The same thing happened to me, and I did the same course of action. Virus scan, clean installs, 32-bit version, even tried using the OFFICIAL viewer of LL, and for about 10 minutes it worked... Till it again froze up to the point of requiring a reset. I am considering getting Windows 10 this week at this rate, since I don't know how to fix it, and I am unable to roll back my update anymore... I haven't tried playing SL for the last few days for fear of possibly doing some serious damage to my computer, since I imagine having to reset a dozen times due to freezing up not being all that good for your computer. It does set me at ease to know that another person experienced what I had, so I know it wasn't just me. I only hope that a new OS will allow me to return to SL without issue and allow me to get back into enjoying my humble hobby and hanging with my friends, since honestly, discord conversations just aren't as much fun compared to virtually snuggling with someone you care about and creating new avatars to show to your friends.
  2. I'll have my brother look at this and we'll attempt to fix it today with what we know. If by some miracle we get it running properly without it crashing/freezing up the system (let alone after running for a few minutes), I'll let you guys know. Updating to windows 10 is a last resort if we can't fix windows 7, which would be a shame because it might mean that certain games I play might not be compatible with Windows 10 (which is stupid, but I guess I don't understand computers all that well). Plus, all the talk of bloatware and being an annoying ***** of a system does not make it sound like something I'd want... I already have a sister and a few friends that use it, though, and my friend says his SL runs just fine on his end. Still... I'm going to try and see if I can't save myself some money for at least a little longer before being forced to move to 10.
  3. Right, I got my specs with help from my brother. ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard AMD FX 8320 8-core Processor GIGABYTE GTX 1050 Graphics Card 1 TB Drive 8 GB Memory 750 Watt PSU My system is 64-bit And of course, I am running the latest version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Hopefully I am not missing anything. If anyone can help me figure out why my SL has been crashing/freezing up hardcore in the last couple days (thus preventing me from being able to use it), that would be swell.
  4. I'll have to wait for my brother to get home from work, he'll be able to help me get my specs. I may be a bit nerdy, but I'm no expert. He, on the other hand, took IT classes, so he knows his computers.
  5. For YEARS, I used to be able to play Second Life without issue, able to explore the world, hang with friends, and indulge in my photoshoot hobby. All was good, until a few days ago when the latest windows 7 update came. Ever since then, I have been completely baffled at how Second Life has become COMPLETELY UNSTABLE, and I can't figure out why (or at least, I think I know why, but am not sure if it is the case...). Whenever I log into the game, it either causes my whole computer to freeze up the second the game loads in, or I get a minute or two to run around before it freezes up and forces me to restart my computer. I tried all kinds of solutions: A deep virus scan, going from 64 to 32 bit, switching from firestorm to the official viewer (which almost worked, until it caused my system to freeze up after about 10-20 minutes), and I even considered doing a rollback of my Windows 7 update, but sadly it failed because something went wrong during the rollback, meaning I am stuck with the current version (the system implied that the anti-virus might have had something to do with the failure). This saddens me a lot, and I wish I knew why this was happening.. Is it because I use Windows 7? Is it not compatible with it anymore? Do I have to upgrade to windows 10? I know my friend uses it and his Firestorm viewer works just fine, and the problems only started happening after the most recent Windows 7 update a few days ago (the night before that, I did a shoot with a friend with no issues whatsoever). I don't want to go and do something rash, though... I wanna see if you guys can provide some suggestions as to what to do before I go out of my way to install 10. Should I try to roll back again? Is it another tech issue? What is a poor Second Lifer to do?
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