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  1. As a serial lurker who has just started posting, this is in my top three pictures of the past few months. Absolutely gorgeous.
  2. This the problem I have the most. I'm wearing a Stealthic hair at the moment which I love. The view from the front I really like but from the side looks bizarre due to the gap ... I think I spend more time on MP looking for hair than every other thing combined x 10 and I am never completely satisfied. Sadly I do not have the talent to have a go at it myself so rely on the skills of those who do. It must be nigh on impossible to cater for everyone but the introduction of style huds has been a leap forward. I'm sure those that can do will get it down to a perfect art in time. I remember years ago looking at prim hair at Freebie Dungeon so I am not really complaining 😁
  3. Like Morena I would be more inclined to try a style intended for a male avatar. Suitable long styles seem few and far between at the moment. no.match is a good suggestion. I am not large chested in SL but have the same problem, I either have to go for an older style that is unrigged or a small by most makers where the hair still often sticks out in front of me as if resting on some imaginary lolas. I get round this by choosing a style that goes around the side, like Leah by Entwined which is one of my staple hairs. A few of my male avatar friends wear a lot of Dela styles. That's not a brand I have tried but may be worth trying out a few demo's?
  4. I will and THANK YOU, I'll take all the luck that is on offer πŸ˜„
  5. Thank you for all the responses from me also. I was looking for that information and didn't want to start a new thread if the answer was already here somewhere. In fact I just went premium to join the fun and hopefully get one of those gorgeous house boats. Now time to test my patience and my luck 😊
  6. I've just been reading on thefashionlaw dot com about Harley Davidson suing a company called Urban Outfitters for copyright infringement in January 2017. On there it states '' In addition to federal trademark protections for its full name and various logos, Harley-Davidson has several federally registered trademarks that extent (sic) to the word, β€œHarley,” on its own ''. So I would assume that it is indeed down to the use of the word Harley as that is a trademark of Harley-Davidson. That doesn't explain of course why the segways were removed.
  7. This one is similar to your top picture and comes in a few colours: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ya-Alice-Dress/14771867
  8. I would suggest taking a look at Shi inworld. They don't have many of their styles on MP at the moment but they have some super stuff on an Oriental theme. There are some pics here on the seller's Flikr https://www.flickr.com/photos/joylaperriere/
  9. The seller provides a style card so you could contact them to ask or see if it is included with the demo here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lee-Jin-Lv2-DEMO-Male-pack/4528406
  10. I've been following this thread for many weeks and have also recently as a result bought a lot of outfits from XO, I wonder if they have wondered why there has perhaps been such an upturn in business? 😁
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