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  1. 9 minutes ago, Ziggy Starsmith said:

    Bet there's more hidden stuff.



    That's awesome, lmao, I thought I''d found something funny with a lamp post but that is brilliant  😂


    Next to my home I have a lamp post up a tree ... but Atlantis is way cooler lols x


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  2. 1 hour ago, soulsofree said:

    Ah, so I see this home also suffered from building code violations... lol I went to deliver a pie to new neighbors and found this: 


    It was the resident sitting in the right hand side of the house that ate all the pies 😁

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  3. I put in a modest pool at my place but it doesn't include the beefcake in your pics.  Really, it's a paddling pool with prims.  All it is lacking is a rippling muscled beefcake.


    I like beefcake 😋

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  4. For days I sat at the computer, mentally trying to guess when releases might be for my time zone (UK so SL+8). I read all the tips that everyone was posting, no more than ten refreshes in a certain period, I hadn't actually set up a refresh programme but I was hitting F5 pretty hard lols. I never once saw a Bellissaria property, days and days I never saw one, so I never got to try for one and fail. I was watching Telly, decided I wanted a cup of coffee so got up and thought Ok I'll refresh that damn page again, lol, it said 'Traditional House' I thought what the ??? as I suffered a mini heart episode in excitement, lol I frantically clicked boxes. It was brutal but I lived to tell the tale lol x

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  5. I got mine at long last and it was worth the wait, I've been so lucky to get a house with a sea view 😎

    I've been trying to get it to look homely for the past 36 hours and have met 2 lovely neighbours so far.


    Two pictures to show. On the second I have discovered where the moles keep a secret stash of lamp posts ... high up in the trees 😂






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  6. With many of us still optimistically waiting for beautiful new homes on the new regions and are still waiting for that lucky click that awards the home .. what are you most looking forward to?

    My decision has been solidified in the last few minutes when I went over for  a random look and the very spot where I landed was the most welcoming and engaging lady who had a positive attititude and so friendly. That is an attitude I have found on these forums. All these years I have clearly been in the wrong places, I want even more to get a place so I can just hang with you all ☺️


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  7. 2 minutes ago, Gobilly said:

    Hi all,

    I saw that a couple of my blog posts about the old Linden Homes were mentioned here. Maybe some people would be interested to see what my Meadowbrook Loftroom looks like these days. https://billybeaverhausen.com/2019/07/21/its-a-cover-up-2/


    That looks awesome, Gobilly, I (my alt) had to block my windows too so I could create a look I liked inside. I really like what I did with it which is why I'm disappointed it apparently is going to be taken away. It looks great (yous!) ☺️

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  8. 5 minutes ago, maggiessunrise said:

    I refresh hourly and never have seen a home come up this is getting frustrating.  There must be a level  of membership that these homes are going to, and me being just a regular premium member  I must be  at the bottom of that list cause its been months now 

    I promise you Maggie it's not. I'm in the same boat. It'll happen when it happens. I'm still trusting in positive thoughts  😊

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  9. I'm not one of the talented few that has a superb imagination or flare for what works, my brain is rather conventional which I think is why I will never be an effective creator or photographer or landscaper. So I for one would take inspiration absolutely from what anyone else has achieved that looks fabulous. I would try to do it with different products but the idea would still be yours. I would hope that is OK, some have a natural flare. I wish I did.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    Except that 1) the current homes are not the same as the new ones, and 2) the old homes are going to be torn down at some point. 

    Some time soon I suspect Sylvia *cries*.

    I went Premium a few days ago so have not been trying anywhere near as long as many of you, but I did go premium solely to have one of the homes.  I do have an alt that has owned a quad since 2008  and a little disappointed that apparently she will be losing that but never mind. So, I decided, having never yet seen a Bellissaria properly come up in a refresh I'll get an old home to be getting on with. The loft looked OK, so I got it.

    Who doesn't love the look of scorched earth in the morning 😂





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  11. Matt what we need is for you to be the ambasador of real hair ... to contact the creators and work with them. Or someone you allocate or who steps in, creating the same  requirements with a model. Good luck 😁

  12. I  play a game in Second Life, a quite longstanding one where you can earn achievements. It took me 6 years to get one of them, that I got this year, and I cried RL from the excitement, the relief, the achievement, and it was all for an icon by the side of my name on an externally hosted server website.

    Nuts yes... ? Yes ☺️

    Alyce sorry you haven''t found a place perfect for you. I'm gonna try and follow you around and grab your don't wants! 😋

    To be fair I don't blame anyone for wanting their perfect choice, but let everyone get a choice and then enable swapsies. Just like Paganini football cards.



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  13. Payment info used means you used some lindens, even 1, to buy something on marketplace.


    Edit: or in world. Corrected ☺️

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