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  1. 7 minutes ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    Perhaps Super Nova. I think they can sometimes form supermassive black holes, and that's a fine metaphor for Gor if ever there was one. Plus John Nobhead is a supermassive hole himself. 

    John Nobhead, lol. I think that is a brilliant name, I wouldn't want it but if anyone wanted to be noticed that is the way to go lol

  2. 1 minute ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Everyone has known that this was coming and everyone that has created any sort of scripted object that relies on the username was told that they needed to change their products to use the UUID of the user because that does not change.  SO it sounds like the game creator didn't bother to update their stuff properly -- or possibly is living in a cave and didn't know the name changes were coming and what the impact would be on existing scripts using username.


    Bless you Littleme I live in hope   😊 x

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  3. Just now, Amina Sopwith said:

    Idiot Covfefe? Nottan Alpha? Ima Banana? Brain Cloud? Logic Dismantled? Pointless Resident?

    In a world where Doreen and Beverley are considered to be sexy names, the main protagonist sounds like a knitting stitch and the slave girls moniker was a band that had a hit in 1983 with Too Shy, it's hard to get it wrong. 

    I went for Eva Nova. I thought that might sound like a rather sexy James Bond vixen spy,  possibly from Russia.   All it confirmed is that I like shiny new things without thoughts of the consequence 😄

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Ansariel Hiller said:

    Contact the creator of that game and ask them to change your username in their database to your new one since they are apparently incompetent and use a username as key in their database instead of your account's UUID...

    That is actually a fantastically brilliant point. I was wanting to not cause extra work when in effect it was something I had not considered in my eagerness, but how hard can that be? Thank you Ansariel. I have sent an IM to the game creator who is currently offline.

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  5. A massive warning to anyone that plays a HUD game in SL.


    I just paid £42.97 to change my name to Eva Nova and was so pleased, until I logged back in to SL and put my games HUDS on to find all progress lost. I had a guild in Tiny Empires 3000 and also played the classic game, for many years. So I went to change it back, within minutes, and Linden Labs want another £42.97. I have been furloughed RL from my job because of Coronavirus and can't afford to pay twice in ten minutes to just try to get my games back.


    Please everyone be careful before you rush in like I did because I have destroyed years of progress on my games.


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  6. Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well during these challenging times.

    I use the Second Life Official viewer and a few days ago was prompted to upgrade to the latest version.

    Since then no matter where I place my cursor I get the hover/information text box come up for whatever item it is over and I cannot find anywhere to remove it now. It is literally driving me nuts, lol.

    Can anyone please advise?


    This is the text I mean ...




  7. I have encountered a few people in SL who have wanted to be a different gender. Actually I think SL is a brilliant place to allow people to explore it and thats great.

    But I would beg these people to be honest.

    Twice I have entered into a romantic relationship and both times I have found in retrospect that  I was in a same sex experience. I am not a lesbian and found the experience extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant once I knew. I do not do relationships for this reason.

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  8. 15 minutes ago, Laika Ravikumar said:

    I had no idea on the day that I posted a pic and had the cheek to say that I thought most people would know about zooming in and out of a pic and also the viewer that I had used it would lead to the amount of bad feeling I would be getting on the forum here from certain people. Also because I did not immediately accept the public apology offered apparently that was another sin that had to be answered for in the form of continual posting of pointed remarks.

    Since then I have been trolled and mis quoted about what was said in a private message, apparently I am crazy and all I care about is ‘likes’ .

    So to the poster, and I won’t see your response because the best thing about this is the ignored feature, but you have achieved your goal, I won’t be posting anymore you have got what you wanted.  Congratulations.


    Laika please do not deprive us of your pictures because you have had a disagreement with one person. That way we all lose out. x

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  9. I do agree with you Beth and that's why I think communication might go a long way. A Victorian brothel, that may have been more popular with neighbours before 'Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with others' disablement was a thing 😂

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  10. I think it would just be nice if people did rezz what they wanted to but bear their neighbours in mind to make it nice for everyone. When I was home hopping one place I rezzed to the house next door had partical emitters and glowing trees in the garden. As I am on the SL viewer I didn't have a derender option and I abandoned within 5 minutes. Such a shame, and in hindsight I could have sent a message to the owner of that parcel who may have been unaware they were impacting the neigbours but I had the linden home lust flowing through my veins to see where I could get next, lol. That blimp thing though, seriously, lol.  Some things are worthy of an AR and some things an IM, lol 🥰

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Stranger Hoxley said:

    Let me see what this fortune teller will tell me.......

    ~Stranger Hoxley, this is your fortune: Let us not say, every man is the architect of his own fortune. But let us say, every man is the architect of his own character.~

    hmmm, and character is the foundation of his fortune

    The Fortuneteller.png



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  12. I'm not a prolific poster but I do enjoy coming to the forums and reading, looking at pictures etc. Because I don't post for the sake of posting I do click 'like' on things that positively catch my eye, or are helpful or particularly beautiful. A simple 'like' click lets the owner of that post know I appreciated their contribution. It doesn't matter to me if they have posted once or ten thousand times and it doesn't matter to me who they are, I actually know very few people in world that I have interacted with on the forums so there is no bias. I've joined in and posted some pictures, I've posted a couple today. I'm not very good at it but I made an effort by changing my graphics settings, saving to disk and cropping out anything that looked a bit naff and a few people clicked 'like'. That did give me a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling, yes, but it was more about wanting to join in and be part of the community.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, CordeliaDeVere said:

    Just over at Moulin Rouge (Little Paris - Orsay) and deciding that B&W is better for these shots...…………...

    I hope a bare butt is OK...……..*holds breath...….

    SL116 (2).png

    SL113 (2).png


    My goodness, what a shiny bottom 😲😀

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