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  1. I'm really not sure how useful it would be myself. What i have done is used a full perm spanker script to make something similar... but I would like to know if there is a way to make it so that only a certain avatar can touch it.
  2. I have created an object that I want to make clickable by only one specific avatar. I have no scripting knowledge at all. Can someone help me?
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    Is it legal to give away linden dollars to participants for answering a trivia question, if they are not paying in order to participate?
  4. I would like to thank you all for weighing in on this question. We did file a report with Linden labs, along with a copy of the transcript from local chat where it shows this intruder clicking on her spanker repeatedly even after she asked him to stop. Then she removed the spanker and he began clicking her kisser. To me this was not a one time attack, but multiple attacks taking place within the same time frame. I am unaware of these types of items with user lock out controls on them. I also am aware that when you wear such an item in a public venue that you are basically giving consent to anyone who wants to to use them. However, one would expect that if you are at your home which you pay rent for that your privacy should be respected. In my eyes, this was an abusive attack by someone who needs some serious help. Since the attack, I have given my wife direct orders to not leave her avi online while she is asleep or for any length of time where she will be afk. I have also had the intruder banned and has passed his user name around to my friends so that non of them have to suffer at his hands. We have also tested the security orb and we know it to be working properly. She and I both felt like this was a personal attack from someone we know or have had contact with previously. We have also removed everything from our profile that had a slurl leading to our home and have removed everyone from the security protocols except ourselves and our daughter. I have also taught my wife how to eject and ban a person and given her the authority to do so. I feel like, she should be safe at our SL home even when I am not online. Just as she should be in RL.
  5. This morning, Sunday, December 9, 2018, My wife, who had left her avi logged on overnight sitting on the sofa in the living room of our home, while she slept, returned to her computer to find a stranger who had managed to circumvent our security orb, sitting on the sofa in an apparent make out pose. She immediately stood and tped to our bedroom a short distance away. The stranger then proceeded to harass her by clicking on her butt, setting off her spanker. When she removed the spanker, he proceeded to click her lips setting off her kisser. All the while my security orb is saying it is ejecting him. We have note carded the incident, but other than the note card we have no other proof. I have added the offender to our ban list and he has been banned from the island by the owner. My question is basically two fold. First, Can we file a report against the person for invasion of privacy and harassment? And Secondly, How can we expect to be safe in our home if our security orb can be so easily circumvented?
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