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  1. Hey! I am trying to buy Lindens with my PayPal account. I have 6 euros put on my PayPal account and have tried to buy lindens under that amount. However when i choose PayPal on cashier page , it directs me to Paypal page that asks me to add my credit card. I don't have a credit card, but I have a confirmed bank account liked to Paypal. What should I do?
  2. Oh I did not now it wasn't full version. Thank you for letting me know!
  3. Hey! I'm an absolute noob, but decided to finally try out a mesh body. Because I have no experience with mesh bodies, I wanted one that wouldn't cost me much, so I found Altamura. I have trouble understanding how things work with mesh bodies, but I think I figured something out, correct me if i'm wrong... So I have Altamura mesh body and a shape for it (these two work). It seems that the mesh head comes with the body? Now i buy an Omega applier for altamura, but nothing works with it? I bought couple omega compatible items (clothes, makeup) and i added omega appliers and the items's appliers/huds. When trying to apply anything through item's appliers nothing happens. I am on a land tht allows scripts, so that can''t be the problem. Would really appreciate, if someone could help. I paid some $$ for this stuff (not much, but still). And again excuse me for my lack of knowledge about mesh.
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