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  1. Roger that , well thank for your delicate time for replying me appreciate it guys ill try that ^
  2. sorry if i posted this in the wrong sections ..i can t fine support anywhere okay soo tecnically? i made 1 main and 1 alt for secondlife and im currently having some issues concerning the beta grid of sl sooo im still using my original email and password on both accounts but for some reason it wont let me in the beta grid and i keep getting this password or username error ( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526895130540769289/550357707232641024/unknown.png ) again i did nothing with my pass or emails or usernames.ty for reading this i was going to test some mest stuffs on the grid but
  3. im using firestorm and im currently looking at the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory .. is alchemy the most advance on features compared to all the viewers?
  4. theres isnt patches to addresses or fix that issue?
  5. hey guys im using a dell 5547 and i was using windows 7 for a while and didnt upgraded to windows 10 cause there was a bug cpu,ram and harddisk usage leakage on it ..so now i have a fresh windows 10 install and i downloaded the 32 of firestorm and my texture memory setting its capped at 512mb for some reason and i dont have the 700mb or 1gb or exceed that 512mb limit anyreason why and im allways having a no texture loaded due insufficient texture memory bull***** on my bottom right screen and its not my display settings thats affecting that i doubled checked that SPECs: cpu : Intel
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