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  1. SnowyKitt

    Can't send gifts?

    I'm unable to send gifts via market place for some reason.. I know to 'Add to cart as gift' then proceed to checkout and buy, but I ALLWAYS receive the gift myself! It never sends to the person I wrote in the box. Is this just me.. It shows up on the receipt thing but still allways comes to me. What am I doing wrong ?🙄
  2. SnowyKitt

    Hiring Awesome Paid Hosts at River Park Club

    I am interested, my avi is young but she is dressed beautifully and looks amazing.. See my pic for proof.
  3. SnowyKitt

    Looking for work!

    Thank you girls I will reply asap in the morning !! ❤️
  4. SnowyKitt

    Looking for work!

    Hello there! I am seeking a job here in SL, I have previous experience managing clubs and agencies on IMVU but not yet on SL. My avatar is young but she is completely non-noob and beautifully dressed, I'm fully willing to prove that I am not a noob. I'd love to learn to do any other type of job also, I have way too much free time.. I am not doing this for lindens, I don't need them I just want something to be a part of! Thank you for reading. - Snow