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  1. Hello Erwin Thank you for your feedback. Does that mean that the current blender version (2.8) is not worth using Avstar? Doesn't it work well with Ver.2.8 in the first place? I'm still struggling with rigging and more, but I'm not going to buy Avstar yet. But if I give up this problem out, I thinked going to buy the add-on.
  2. Hiya Ron Thank you, I finally understood that. I misunderstood that I was working with SL Viewer. Thanks to your suggestions, I will surely unforget both methods. thank you for your kindness. ;)*
  3. Hiya Optimo Thank you for always giving me useful information. I am fighting the same problem again (the body folds). As you say, I rotated my model 90 degrees in the X direction in Blender. They applied them by “rotating and scaling”. I uploaded them to SL Beta and put them on, but my body was folded again. My guess is that when data is imported (or exported) into Blendar, the bone and skeleton (rigging) information changes at auto. I guess they are probably related to my Blender's initial settings. I cleanly uninstalled the Blender and deleted the cache folder.Then I did the sa
  4. Hello Optimo. Thank you for thinking together to solve the problem. Well I didn't think about three axes (X, Y, Z). Because during the first test I didn't import 3d model data into the Blender. I downloaded it and uploaded it to SL Beta immediately. I wanted to know how those 3D rigmodel data(Simple.bot) look in SL. I followed the procedure described in the Wiki SL article and checked the [joint position check box] for a long time so far, and continued to look for the “mesh folder” in my inventory after uploading in SL. These old articles on the Wiki can be misleading by beginner
  5. Hello Ron. Thank you for sharing my issue. Regarding size, I always specified 1.0 when uploading. It remains the default setting at SL upload option. If changed the value to “0.045” at the time of this test upload, we were satisfied with the size. Normal human size. Now I don't say "ohh,, sorry" to the people in the sandbox. ahaha But why does this change in size occur? Is it the effect of my Blender2.8 settings? My size settings should be default. I need to check import and export settings. I will be rigging my 3D mesh model, but the advice you gave me is wonderful. I thank you
  6. Hiya shaniqua. Thank you for writing a valuable opinion. I knew the existence of ''Avastar'' but I didn't know what effect the plug-in would have on Blender. The reason I created this topic this time was to understand why my avatar transforms into this shaped form and why the 3D rigmesh model becomes huge. But, I couldn't find any topics related to them because of my poor language skills. As you say, if about over 95% of SL rigmesh creators use Avaster, how do the remaining 5% of people work on rigging? I am very interested about them method. Of course, it is possible to p
  7. Hello everyone. I'm Japanese and it hasn't been so long using Blender2.8. But I first made a mug and then made apples and wine glasses. And I uploaded them to SL and everything went well. Next, I now used the basic SL 3D mesh model to tryed to create an avatar. First of all, The 3D model data downloaded from the following SL Wiki. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh_Upload_test_suite. https://developer.blender.org/F16281 I used ''SimpleBot.dae''. Uploaded to SL Beta. It's I was going to do a simple test. This is a web page that I used as a reference. I followed this p
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