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  1. Hello SL!! Riverside Medical is on the rise and looking to hire some wonderful team members to help us keep it up!! If you are a team player...love people and gives your all we want you!!! Currently looking for: 2 wait staff 2 fitness trainers And a receptionist Please see Dr. Natacha Selene Aryes Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!
  2. Here at Riverside we are beginning to branch out expanding our Hospital to more than just a Hospital. We aim to give the most for your enjoyment and role play. The positions that we are hiring for are as follows: Nurse Greeter for Hotel Front Desk Receptionist for Hotel Hostess/Host for restaurant Waiter/waitress Masseuse All of these positions are paid weekly and applications and interviews will be accepted Mon through Thursday from 4pm to 7pm slt time! Please feel free to contact inworld Dr. Natacha Selene Aryes !!!!
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