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  1. so I recently got around to making a poodle avi, and i freaking love it to death~ it's so cute! ❤️ And I accidentally stumbled on an event location that i didn't even know was a thing and found this gacha with the cute hoodie/cardigan combo that i needed immediately <: 


    And also, happy spoopy day :D pics aren't the highest quality but i did what i could with my potato laptop and lazy costume design <:


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  2. 5 hours ago, Catrie said:


    All my pictures are taken via laptop.

    I mean, unfortunately, in my case, my laptop is too old. I'm used to taking 6k res, ultra-graphics w/ shadows set to almost max (3) and DoF. I can't really do that with this laptop... Or really much of anything. 😭

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  3. 1 hour ago, Fionalein said:

    Can it be the one by coco?

    PS: who does that kitten backpack?

    Taking a look through Coco, I'm not seeing it, but I do like some of their sweaters. o:

    And the backpack is from .:nuance:. <: It's called the miao backpack

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  4. So this first photo was taken 6 days after I had first joined SL back in 2013, and I was recruited by a Bloodlines clan. There's no way for me to go back to that place in the picture since it doesn't exist anymore, and I don't think I even wear clothes like that anymore either. xD I've changed so much!


    vs now



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  5. 2 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Buuutttt can you embed it? That's the real question. I see Flickr as just a storage box to host my pictures to share throughout the internetz. :)

    You can, but I don't think it's in the same way that Flickr works. It's more like embedding it as an HTML script or something like that. You can share it to Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit though! For what that's worth... xD

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  6. 22 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    OMG YESSS! LOL Here's one I just did in OSIRUS:

    AND in Flickr if you click "Show EXIF" - it even has the SLURL in it! 

    As for quality - well: it's a "Project Viewer" - perhaps quality will get better as they go along. But as you can see by the flat image (when you save it to your computer) it's pretty large as it is. I love Catznip and Firestorm and even LL viewers, but I must say: new shiny toy from Linden lab, THANKIES!

    For those of you not seeing it: Pass your mouse over the image - then CLICK and DRAG.

    • JFIFVersion - 1.01
    • X-Resolution - 1 dpi
    • Y-Resolution - 1 dpi
    • XMPToolkit - Second Life Viewer
    • Projection Type - equirectangular
    • Use Panorama Viewer - True
    • Capture Software - Second Life Viewer
    • Stitching Software - Second Life Viewer
    • Initial View Heading Degrees - -91.4848
    • Full Pano Width Pixels - 4096
    • Full Pano Height Pixels - 2048
    • First Photo Date - Thu Jan 10 15:31:43 2019
    • Last Photo Date - Thu Jan 10 15:31:43 2019
    • SLRegion Name - TREMENDUM
    • SLRegion URL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TREMENDUM/96/90/2001
    • SLPano Version - 2.0.0

    As it turns out, a friend of mine (acquaintance? am not sure xD) had already been taking 360 snapshots, but she uploads them somewhere that isn't Flickr. I uploaded mine too and compared, and flickr doesn't carry over the same quality as this site does.


    Where I think I lost a bit of quality with Flickr, this seems to keep the integrity of the image fairly well. c: 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Alyona Su said:

    OMG! Just discovered that Forums must have been updated (like in the last DAY or so) - NOW we can post 360 degree picturezzzzzz!!!!

    THIS picture is a one-click snapshot in the LL Official Project Viewer 360-Snapshot. One-click. Then I upload to my Flickr and copy the display URL there. And paste that URL here and... and... Wooohooo!

    I'm gonna snap a LOT of 360 Snapshots this weekend for fun and post 'em here! LOL


    Oh, and this is my Office at Damnsim Cross Cargo Services Inc, LLC, Corp, Inc. LOL

    Edit to add: if anyone else is interested in playing with this Project Viewer, it is this one:

    Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Channel Project viewers are experimental viewers; they may not be beta quality - use at your own risk. However, It has been very stable and rock-solid for me on Windows and on macOS Mojave. //Just saying.

    I am so glad you posted this 'cause now I have a new way to take way too many photos than I need. xD AND IT'S SO EASY TOO


    Edit: I only wish it was higher quality though..

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  8. Aside from getting the original PSD files from each of the creators of each applier, with permission from all of them to fuse them together? Not really lol

    At least, nothing technically legal. There are ways to get at the texture files, but I won't mention them. That said, I don't think anyone would really blame you much if you've got THAT much going on as far as layers go lol

    Better safe than sorry. You COULD commission a texture like that though! You'd just have to find someone willing to do that. 😁

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