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  1. Does anybody know that Linden Lab has new plans to upgrade servers to reduce LAG issue ? For example : Do they have idea to upgrade server 2 times faster or 4 times? This new mesh avatar system causes very high complexities of avatars. Lands also have many complex details in world. 500 GB SSD hardisk , 1000 Mbps internet, 6 GB (256 bit) graphic card, 32 MB RAM, i7 3.4 GHz processor with good coolers and still lag in crowded places. (My Location: Istanbul, Turkey) My computer supervisor laughs at me when i say still have lag and he says me this setup is very good for many games and must have been 150 FPS at least. 150 omg ???? it's jus a dream for SL lol. If Linden Lab doesn't work to solve the biggest issue of SL is LAG, I may leave SL soon.
  2. Hey Everyone. It's so easy to hide your own AO activities from local chat. If your AO Hud doesn't allow you to hide its activities using settings. Go to local chat and find one activity of your Ao. Click info "i" button of that messages and Block it. You will never get this kind of activity informations again:D and and if one day you wanna see this informations again just unblock ao hud from your block list.
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