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  1. Interesting, may I know when it's done?
  2. I have a problem with the beginning menu when you start any viewer. So basically I do not know what I did but... somehow the menu is oversized and I cnnot like drag towards the login spot because it doesn't show up I only see my username, password and the link where it says "forgot password?" If anyone can help me, please do because.. My whole screen is zoomed in and I can't zoom out.
  3. Hello there! I always wanted to roleplay in a prison. Getting arrested, trial, handcuffed, court, cells, etc. I want to experience this but I can't find an active prison roleplay place where I can do this. I've seen some older prisons as the AJDC, Morelock and others but since they are gone I hoped that there would be a small but active place where I can experience and play as an inmate. If anyone could help me with this, please let me know. Sincerely CookiezGirl1
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