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  1. Thread/title. I can't get my usual system head's neck to blend with the body, and TMP head I bought a while ago doesn't fit the look I'm going for. Does anyone have any suggestions or places I could look?
  2. A person who actually attempts to discuss like common interests long before they say they're into me. If someone comes up to me loaded with hour long discussions about Star Wars EU, sports, RPG games, etc, they've got me hooked already. If someone IMs me and immediately discusses my figure, they're probably getting ignored. A bit of effort is all I ask.
  3. When I see a super nice but expensive item in a marketplace and it doesn't have a demo for me to try
  4. I have to say Legacy's alpha feature where I can just hide parts of my avatar is a breath of fresh air compared to the original TMP. Clothes that I bought that I couldn't wear because my av clipped through them and the alpha layer didn't work, I can now wear the vast majority of them. It's somehow got a better ass too which is like the main reason I've stuck with this body, and it's one of the few that caters to petite avatars like myself. The only downside I would say is that I couldn't find a way to solidly blend the neck with the system avatar head and skin that I'd grown fond of, but
  5. How do y'all get such clear images 😧 Anyway, at the beach messing with Firestorm's sky settings:
  6. - Literally any time I forget to rez in at my home, and I end up landing on top of a dancing couple... or even worse. - When my clothes haven't rezzed yet, and for like six seconds I seriously think I'm about to be kicked from a server. - That time I invited a friend to try Second Life and we ended up somehow using dirty poseballs together. There was just... awkward silence. - In my noob days I used to wear hair with large DEMO wording above it. Fun times
  7. I've always used TMP just because it was my first mesh, I'm used to it, and I'm not shelling out for another body type lol The only downside is the HUD, which loads slow or sometimes refuses to load at all. But I'm happy with it. It just feels like me and that's all that matters
  8. It's been a fun 5 years. Even when I was a newb I was meeting new, interesting people. Out of all of them, I've met a furry (the nicest guy ever), a firefighter, a programmer, and a business man (who kind of talked down to me), and I had deep conversations with most of them. I've seen one griefer, one teddy bear person, and I RPed an alien for like a month, among other things. It's been a blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Here's to another 5 years!
  9. Lana Del Rey all day every day. So basically, deep melancholic music. Or classic country tunes
  10. I rarely get anything beyond the simple "hi" and ignore nowadays, which works in my favor when I just want to dance or something. The worst was the day I got like 10 IMs all at once as soon as I TPed to a beach. I had to mute most of them and a few were getting irate at my lack of a response. But yeah, if you get one or two that's basically normal. More than 5 is creeper levels imo
  11. Lol the clickers are definitely those same people who respond to an emote with like one sentence and then afk for like 6 minutes at a time with no warning. Or I'm trying to fit a description with the pose currently happening and they keep changing it every three seconds. Give me time!!! Aaaaand the ol ignore trick. It's hilarious when I do it and then the guy acts like I owe him something. I said "wazzup" to some guy in public chat like a week ago and then he IMed me asking "where are you babe" and then 10 minutes pass and he's like "soooo ???" I'm like did I tell you something was
  12. It's my fantasy, I do whatever I can't do in RL in here pretty much. With that said, I'm very choosy and if you walk up to me as some steroid shaggy haired mfer going "HI SEX NOW PLS" there's no chance. Put in the effort, please. Oh, and emoting. Please practice emoting, it really helps the lady get into it. For example, I had a guy I was with where I'd write something descriptive and he'd respond with stuff like... "nice" and "good", and that'd be it. It was hard to work with and it didn't last much longer than that.
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