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  1. 10 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    1) Is there a way to ignore or block specific threads like you would put someone on your ignore list?  Apparently the "Mark site read" is not that function as it marks the whole forum as read instead, which I do not want.

    2) Is there a way to undo the "Mark site read" after clicking by mistake?


    even if you were to ignore a thread, if you are mentioned in it or had posted in it and someone quotes you, you would still see it. just like you cant ignore or block the forum reactions from showing up.

  2. Its a hard question to answer for at the end of the day the sim/group owner has all the power and say. But if they abuse it too much they risk driving people away and killing their group or sim. Finding that balance of power and rules and limits is every complicated and not easy if you wish to keep an active community/group/sim and keep as many participants as happy as possible.

  3. 1 hour ago, Odaks said:

    I can understand the arguments for moving with the times, attracting younger users etc., but despair of the way in which technology drives us to modify our behaviour to suit the technology. One result is an inevitable dumbing down of language, which increases our ability to communicate rapidly but seriously decreases our abilities to communicate effectively.

    It was the deficiencies of the technology that spurred the situation on. When the number of characters you were permitted to use was severely limited, the use of abbreviations became essential. The use of other ASCII characters to represent emotions was probably a natural extension. These deficiencies no longer exist but the deficient languages persist, despite there being no need for them to do so.

    We have seen the folly of emoji use on many occasions in this forum; examples are surely not required here. Perhaps one example, in general terms, may be worth examination though. Consider the following responses:-

    * That was so funny; I nearly split my sides! 

    * I couldn't help giving a wry smile to that.

    * That was so ridiculous that it was just laughable.

    * I shouldn't really laugh at that but it was funny!


    😃 instead?

    I suspect that emojis are here to stay but you no longer have to use them. You are now free to say exactly what you mean, if you are up to the challenge.


    yes you would loose some of the context of what was being said, but see the point is you would get to chose who you talk to anyways and just could stay away from those that used them.

    you can already use them, just not in the simple click manner. you can still just type them out.. so its not really that much of a change or additions, just that each client would need a button or to add the image for the emoji to the viewer.

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  4. minecraft is definitely not just a simple system. it can be very complex with what is made if you take the time to learn how. just because everything is made from blocks doesn't mean some very fantastic things cannot be made there.

    people have made entire computers that could run games on them in minecraft before.

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  5. On this I am split in choice for several reasons. having them would allow greater freedom of expression for some people those who dont prefer to write every single thing out in in text. "smiles, laughs, cries," etc..

    but on the other side I can see where this could become abused and over used by a lot of people, especially in gestures and other things.

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  6. On 10/20/2020 at 10:11 AM, Keitaro Kuramoto said:

    It's been a very long time since I've been in SL, but i have noticed that not many people (very few in fact), use voice to communicate.

    I actually quite enjoy chatting with people but I'm finding it to be a real struggle to find places where people also enjoy voice. Any ideas/suggestions?


    Its because not a lot of people like to actually voice or get nervous. A lot of people prefer text where you dont have to worry how someone might think about how you might sound on voice.

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  7. Until I see a way to lock eep to what ever I set it and prevent any changes from outside sources including ek's I think I will stay away from it. I dont like having my settings changed without my choice. ek or not, it still should be user choice if they want the change allowed or not.

    this is where windlight still is superior in my opinnion. the fact you can turn on or off shared windlight preventing it from being changed by entering a sim or parcel that might have different settings.

    sure some people are going to say that takes away from the immersion.. but i could care less.. immersion is not the be all end all of reasons for everyone that plays sl.

    If I want to stay at midday every place I go to it should be my choice and not the sim or parcel or ek owners choice.

    i derender most obnoxious items anyways on sims. so any weather system I would be wasting time trying to derender  the clouds and what ever else it had. you can keep your ambiance and lighting and forced immersion away from me.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    Pretty much anything else, I'd have at least noticed I wasn't wearing pants.

    There's a lesson here for us all. Always wear underwear.

    Thing is most of that does not matter, you can derender a lot of things except for system layers so anyone could make you naked to them if they wanted unless you had on system layer outfits and used alphas to hide things underneath your clothes. which not a lot of people think about doing..

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  9. 2 hours ago, Orwar said:

       To me, Discord supplements the in-world communications quite well. It's a bit like an intermedium of the forums and the in-world chats in many ways. And it's uncensored, so I can swear freely! 

    only uncensored if the server admins allows it or they might just delete your comments if they find them not appropriate. which is why a lot like it. you cant do that with sl groups or local chat.

    plus you can delete your own comments taking away any log of what you said in pm or in the server if allowed by the server admins.

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  10. people often use it for groups or voice chat, since it works better for both then what sl provides. on discord you have more control over what people can say or do or what is showed. since you can literally delete what comments you don't like if you are the server owner. it provides more power for those obsessed with it. plus its outside of sl, so the tos no longer applies with what you do with what is said or shown on the server.

    its also used by some to keep in contact when not logged in and when to plan on logging in together. Its also used as a way to get around rlv chat restrictions by some people so they can play at being a sub or slave and then still chat with whoever they want while their chat is blocked by rlv inworld.

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  11. 35 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    Geez, thanks Drakonadrgora.  

    I kind of doubt that is the reason.  I think it's because people text on their phone now and share real life stuffs like pictures and videos with real life people (family and friends) on Facebook, plus many see SL as 'too hard'.  When I share SL stuff on FB, replies are usually something along the line...'I could never understand how to do that'.  Plus, people like the free of FB and the ease of use.  

    Your welcome. combined with the fact that it has a moderate learning curve, no real goal, people that can be rude or crude, its outdated in graphics and abilities. sl is just old.. its not shiny or new or fun for most people. so there is less reason for most to stay.

    current generations want easy to do and learn things, things that are shiny, have good graphics, fun things to do, sl is lacking in several of those categories.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    for now... not YET ...but we all know what happened quite a lot with LL rolling out projects in the past...


    yep the way to fix it is to break it then replace it... thats how life works.. fix what isnt broken..

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